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To Keaton Jones

Where do I start? how do I start? Well first allow me to apologize for how the media has handle you, your story and your family. I sympathize with you greatly. All of my life I have been bullied and pick on. People hurt me because of my name, my appearance, the way I talk, and so much more. The sad truth is still to this day I am bullied by people who can’t understand that it is nothing wrong with being different. Now even as an adult I struggle with self confidence and abandonment because brutally verbal and physical attacks I’ve encountered.

Many people blame your mom for the reason you’re bullied but I disagree. Yes, we often times have to pay for the mistakes of our parents. All throughout history children have been question and mocked for the mistakes of our parents. However, similar to what Jesus said to the man born blind, “this had to happen that God might be glorified.” The media will talk about you from several perspectives but I want to encourage you from the heavenly perspective. Many people want to justify you being bullied because your mom never accounted from her errors, but who can blame her. She is grown. Many people are expecting you to teach your mother about fairness, equality in being different, and being bullied - without understanding that process. As someone who has tried to teach and inform my elders of their error which leaked over into my life, I’ve learn that people older may not always response appropriately to being taught or informed. As her child, it would be extremely hard to make her accountable with comprising your relationship as her son.

Therefore, I encourage you to stay strong and keep smiling. Smile in the dark, smile in the rain. Smile when your sad and smile when you're mad. Smile so much that people think you’re the Joker. (But be careful because they may try to make you the bad guy.) Whether your mother played a role in you being bullied or not. It’s time for the world(and everyone in it) to wake up and bring accountability to themselves. What we do to other people - actually matters. People will intentionally as well as unintentionally bully, mock, criticize, and hinder you just for being different. Yet it is the difference in you that cause others to examine themselves. Often times, when we examine ourselves, we find indiscretions that we personally have no solution to, and because we see others who seem to have overcome that same indiscretion instead of attaching to them we attack them. The attack’s you have received aren’t just because of your mother. These are attacked from God as a method of teaching you how to surrender while still fighting. Keaton, I would be a liar if I told you that the bullying will end, when it has ended in my life. However I can say “every attack is just an effort to build you into the unstoppable, un-breachable fortress that you are.” The greatness of God is on you and like every great leader your symptoms are evident. Moses was so great, at birth attacks came to kill him. David was so great, he was neglect by his dad just so God could father him. Jesus was so great, as a child Herod tried to kill him and as a man The governor assassinated him. As a great future leader the fear and frustration of attack will always be there, but just like me and the the great leaders before us - you wouldn’t be great without the attacks! For it is the attack that you survive that births the authority in you to strive, because you can never be a leader over anything without overcoming something. I love you little brother.

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