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The First Fruit Offering Serieses

Prophet Omarious Fann 


"What started as three points and a close, turned into a four-part teaching series"


The First Fruit Offering series is a four-part teaching lesson on how honoring God with your wealth and the first fruit of your crop has proves to be effective in producing consistent overflow in your life. In the midst of transition, we can often times get stuck in seasonal situations. Nevertheless, this series discusses the origin of giving, the purpose of giving the first fruit as well as it's separation from your tithe. We also learned how to apply 'the principle of honoring God with your possessions,' in order gain consistent increase and abundance. In addition to that after you have reviewed each lesson, we would like to accept the First Fruit challenge with anticipation to see a fruitful harvest.


"Every seed has a harvest but every harvest isn't fruitful."

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