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 Being Fed By Feeding the People Of God

-Omarious J. Fann

Become A Partner 

    Hello, we appreciate your interest in Becoming A Partner with Omarious Fann. First, allow us to explain the vision of this non-profit organization called the Fann Foundation. We provide insight, guidance, and resources to believers in order to help them get back on track and to the next level in their life. This partnership system is another way of funding our ministry. Every dollar you contribute is invested in the operations of this ministry along with the establishing of other dreamers and partners. As we grow it's our prayer that we will provide a supernatural experience that will bring more young people closer to Christ and place them in churches that can continue to develop their spiritual disciple.

       As a Monthly Seed Sower with Omarious, you are paying it forward for someone around the world who has a calling, purpose, and future. Your Monthly Contribute to allow the Prophet to spend more time doing ministry while helping provide hotel rooms for beaten or abuse women, food for hungry families, and even restoring utility needs and financial stability to several individuals in times of struggle. We don't take your giving lightly. Every seed you sow may just be the next person's meal, miracle, or shelter for this season or the next.


      As a partner, you are the official sponsors and supporters of our ministry and so many other individuals with limitless dreams and potential. Therefore when you become a Prophetic Partner with Omarious Fann, we make you a priority.  We have also expanded our partnership program to allow more incentives for the faithful and committed group that God has called to help us. Please be sure to check out partnership detail and select partnership level based on your monthly budget.  Once again thank you for becoming a partner! You're changing the world one seed at a time. 

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