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About Omarious J. Fann

A Man Created & Formed By The High Mind


Omarious Fann is a national prophetic voice and media mogul with a firm desire to plant, produce, and grow people and businesses. He is also a singer, model, creative director, public speaker, and chief executive officer of the Limitless Alliance. Operating in his prophetic gift since age 15, Omarious has traveled the country preaching the word of God while prophesying to believers across the world. As he grew in ministry, Omarious came to a point where regular church service wasn't enough. At age 20, Omarious rediscovered his vision, a new revelation, and his purpose.  "Accepting the call to this generation", Omarious began utilizing his spiritual gifts to start the Prophetic Circle organization and later "the Wake Up With The Prophet" morning show.


 The Prophetic Circle and Wake Up With The Prophet, was created to give vision to the blind and restore hope to the hopeless. Prophet Fann aims to impact the world through both his ministry and corporate companies. Omarious designed his companies to be the Source of Resources to believers and dreamers everywhere. The Limitless Alliance is a place where despite limitations, your dreams could be limitless through the funding and support from the FANN Foundation. Omarious believes that God is the essential aspect of his foundation because God is the source and resource of everything limitless and without a relationship with Him, we are limited. 


Prophet Omarious along with a list of businesses he has launched, Fann released his first self-published book in May of 2018 entitled "God Made: The Millennial's Prayer Book". He also debuted his signature clothing collection  #HopeDealer in 2018. While he has faced many disappointments, he is dedicated to leaving his mark on history. 


"Being Fed By Feeding The People Of God"

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The Mission & Mandate


- Provide support to marginalized communities

We strive to uplift and empower marginalized communities by providing resources, guidance, and support. Your donations help us organize initiatives that address their unique challenges and empower individuals to thrive.

- Restore vision to the spiritually blind

Through our ministry, we guide and inspire individuals who are spiritually lost or confused. Your donations enable us to reach out to those in need, offering guidance, spiritual healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

- Assist the displaced and affected

We aim to provide assistance and support to those who have been displaced or affected by various circumstances. Your contributions help us offer shelter, resources, and encouragement to individuals and families in need.

Gathering Of The Prophets
Omarious Fann
Omarious Fann
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Gathering Of The Prophets
Omarious Fann
Omarious Fann
Gathering Of The Prophets
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Omarious Fann
Omarious Fann
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Gathering of The Prophets
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