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First Fruit Offering part 3.

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine. Proverbs 3:9-10 NIV Tune Every Tuesday night in March for the next lesson on the 'First Fruits Offering' Dial 712.770.4010 with Access Code 824311# at 6pm CST | 7pm EST Click Here to listen to the audio from the lesson three


So you're back? Awesome let's get to work with lesson three of this four part series entitle through First Fruit Offering. Over the last two weeks we have been studying something that has been dramatically affecting believers everywhere. In our past two lesson we learn of why Cain and Abel's gave to God honor him with the fruit of their harvest. (Gen. 4:2-5) We also discuss how Abraham came to give the first portion of his 'gained possessions' to the priest of the Most High God Melchizedek from a battle fought and win to gain his nephew Lot back. (Gen 14) While studying Abraham we realize that Abel and Cain gave because of appreciation and Abram gave as a result of the revelation from Melchizedek and in honor/ appreciate of God's work. Also we talked about how and why tithe is separate from the first fruit offering. Therefore in this lesson, we will progress with our teaching on Abraham. In this portion of the series, we will expound on how first fruit is separate from tithes as well as how we go about offering a first fruit. In addition to that, I will even briefly explain how Abraham's obedience flowed over to be a blessing to Isaac. So let's get to work. Now remember where this teaching comes from, Proverbs 3:9-10 "Honor the Lord with your wealth And with the first fruits of all your crops (income); Then your barns will be abundantly filled And your vats will overflow with new wine." With that being said, we have received the instruction. Honor God with our possessions, AND with the first fruit of our harvest, income, and/or crop. But why prophet? So that then your barns will be abundantly filled And your vats will overflow with new wine. Which means God is saying if you do that which I have instructed you will see your homes will be fruitful and your blessings will overflow. Now many of you will say, "well where is this proven prophet." Go to Genesis 22 starting at the second verse. We know this chapter of Genesis to be know as the testing of Abraham. Of course, we know Abraham received a promise from God to be great before encountering Melchizedek. And at this point in life, he has defeated multiple kings with only 300 something men. He has even has a son by his house maid Haggi, and he has had a son by his wife Sarah. But the issue is, Abraham is still unsure if the promise will manifest despise God proven himself over and over. So here we are now, at the test of Abraham. God says to him "go sacrifice your son, you only beloved son Isaac as a burnt offering unto me." Abraham says, "okay, if this what it takes to get to the next level, sure why not."

Keep in mind Abraham had already had a son. However, God says go sacrifice the first fruit of your womb. Why did God concern Isaac the beloved first son when Abraham had another son before Isaac. Might I suggest that when you try to make manifest what isn't in season, you may have to sacrifice it. Notice God told Abraham to sacrifice his first son, become the original first Ishmael was illegitimate to the plan. However, I want to pause right here and let someone know, just because your an illegitimate harvest doesn't mean you don't have rights to the fruit. It was a principle that when the firstborn is born that he automatically belongs to God. We even learn that in our last lesson as we discussed Lev 27:26 - "You may not dedicate a firstborn animal to the Lord , for the firstborn of your cattle, sheep, and goats already belong to him." You can not offer back to God what is already his. So I want to suggest that Abraham couldn't sacrifice Ishmael to God because he already belonged to God. Similar to your tithe; it already belongs to God. Nevertheless, Ishmael had to be sacrificed by being disowned. So God says, let me test him to see if he will trust me to do what I said. Go sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. Remember, when tithe was legislated it was called a burnt offering. The burnt offering was the maintain of the fire between God and the temple or the people. So the Lord basically say, so since you had to sacrifice the Ishmael unwillingly, let me see if you would sacrifice Isaac willing. Ishmael was the tithe meaning you will still get to see your harvest. You still get the basic because you gave the basic. However if you truly want this next level called plenty, you got to be willing to give me what hurts. 'Give me what you love, give me the first portion of the 90% I left you.' Abraham, then realize if I don't sacrifice Isaac - he is at risk. So before the devil take him, allow me to sacrifice him. Abraham then go to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering or a sustaining seed from their current covenant. Your first fruit isn't for you, but it's for those coming after you. Abraham going to sacrifice his seed because he realize that if I plant the seed their has to be another harvest. Therefore, willing, he prepares to kill Isaac, but in the midst of doing so an angel appears and stops him. A ram is found in the bushes and the ram is given as the burnt offering. Notice, Abraham has sacrificed his son emotionally, but had not killed him complete. I want suggest that when you get comfortable obeying God, God will get comfortable providing. Because of Abraham willingness to give his first harvest back, God turns around and bless him again with a deeper covenant. Now only will, you - Abraham walk in favor but all you children will be blessed and walk in favor. From this point on Abraham walks in abundance and favor. He has so much favor and possessions that he leaves it all to Isaac. Isaac goes on to have his own sons. However before I close for next week, the shout of this message iss that Isaac was so blessed by Abraham offering him as a first fruit that even when he sowed in a famine, he still reaped a harvest. (Gen 26) You complaining about the sacrifice you have to make now. But might I suggest the sacrifice of your fruit is only a deposit for the blessing you're about to withdraw. Notice, that although Abraham gave Isaac as a fruit, he did do so until it was asked of him. Tithe is legislated but the first fruit is a challenge from God to see if you're ready for overflow and abundance. Your tithe is the seed to see a harvest, but your first fruit is the seed to ensure the harvest is fruitful. Praise God, that was good.

Be sure to check back next week for the last lesson on the First Fruit Offering.

Tune Every Tuesday night in March for the next lesson on the 'First Fruits Offering' Dial 712.770.4010 with Access Code 824311# at 6pm CST | 7pm EST Click Here to listen to the audio from the second teaching


Listen, I want to challenge you to give a First Fruit offering. I understand you may have the full teaching. I understand this sometimes seems like a waste of time and money. However, I want to assure you - it is not. God told Abraham, I will give you many of children and make your offspring numerous but Abraham laughed thinking it wasn't possible because his wife could not conceive. (Her ground/womb could not produce at that time.) Eventually after scattering so many seeds, He was finally able to deposit seed into her and she conceived. After that he reaps a harvest, Isaac. Isaac grows and develops for a season or two. Then God says go give me your best fruit. Give me the first fruit of the harvest you received in the latter season. "Your first fruit offering is not your tithe nor your burnt offering. Your first fruit is a portion back to God in appreciation for the Harvest that you brought in." Your tithes are owed to God, your monthly partnership is owed to God, but your first fruit is something that you offer back in return of a having a fruitful harvest. Sometimes, we sow a gift for a harvest (new job) but then we neglect to give the first fruit (a token of honor or appreciation) back to God for his blessing. Therefore I am challenging you to be a doer and not just a hearer of the Word. So be sure to click on the giving link to sow your First Fruit Seed any time this month.

Click Here to Give Your First Fruit Offering Gift.

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