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The Prophetic Word of The Lord for 2023

Updated: Jan 19

Here is the Word of the Lord for 2023...

2023 will be the year of the Home Stretch as we end our Journey back to the Future. This year will be the setup for the coming years. This will be a year that will pioneer the coming future. This will be the year some things will finally come to an end but new things will be birth from a launching pad as a plane takes off from the runway. This year is a setup year for the 2024 leap year. 2023 will be the year to be intentional in our connections and community, As we progress into the spring season old school practices will be seen more. Networking and customer service will keys take small businesses and ministries to a new level as we get back to the basics in order to develop the infrastructure for the people connected to us. The word "community engagement" will be essential for leaders and entrepreneurs. 2023 will be the hour to be more hands-on with your family and friends. This home stretch will be like a throwback year for many as we mourn the old and rejoice for the new. Many will even pass away this year that we've admired for years, for many of the great this will be the final chapter for them, A major hospitalization will be revealed in the life of a political figure as we go into the third quarter of the year. This will also be the year to expand upon your identity for many of you are still sitting on your gift. Also, a major settlement will be revealed in the coming month concerning a big tech company. Russia will expand its efforts to overthrow Ukraine and will even attempt to create stronger alliances with foreign nations. April will be the time of reset for many of us as this season will yield new advancements and breakthroughs. Even as you age into the second quarter of the year so shall you feel the sensation of "a big break" as things begin to shift in your favor by May. For many of us that have taken the last year to plant and start something this will be the year you begin to see the sprout blossom out of the ground, this will be the year to be determined to finish and get to the place of achievement. 2023 will be a journey year of testing your faith in yourself. Your belief will be challenged but faith will be found in the reality of the supernatural God. Even news of a satellite failure or fall will be known and will even cause some technically difficult in certain regions or with certain companies. A reformation or shift will come to the prison and juvenile system. This will be the year you hear testimonies of release and restart for, I see men returning home. I also see US cities begin being targeted for attacks, New York will encounter a major threat, and so shall another midwest city encounter a massive shooting. Intimate moments will become a thing of the future, privacy will be questioned more and many of us will retreat to exclusivity this year as a private breach will be made known to the public. 2023 will be the year that determines our path to the promised place, for as the children of Israel should have reached their promised place in days, it could year because of their mindset and heart posture. As you live in faith, obedience, and humility this year so shall you see the easy path be made known for you. Praise Our God. (To Be Continued...)

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