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The Word OF The Lord For 2021

For the spirit of the Lord has said this shall be a year of the portal. this will be the year of the open thresh hold. for even in this year we will see new technological advancements. We will new technology inventions be revealed as we age into a new era. Teleportation will be spoken of this year. for the desire to instantaneous and fast will dominate the earth. Drones and telescopes will become popular. for I shall begin to reveal and do a new work within the air and atmospheres. A new change to the airwaves will come about. for even new regulations will be developed concerning airspace. America will experience a new major earthquake for this ripple through the south possibly from the west. Pray against the spirit of divorce and the unity of marriage. I see the death of a famous comedian. A new vacancy in the supreme court will come about within the coming year or two. An increase in bomb threats or explosions will be known within the nation of America as domestic threats being to rise. Even as the airwaves shift the gospel music industry will make a change and shift. New voices will arise in the industry. The nations of Africa will be in the news more frequently this year. America will see another season of riots. Another celebrity tragedy accident will occur, similar to what was seen in the previous and past years. Pray for the mental health, safety, and protection of our youth this year as I see an abundance of violent attacks against young people. Pray for the grace to survive a new level. Pray for more grace to love, forgive, and heal. Pray for the grace to handle your gift. Pray for more grace to innovate and use your gift as this will be the year your gift will grant you usual and uncommon access. A winter storm shall come, seemingly what looks like an ice or snow hurricane storm. This will be a storm out of season that shall make landfall and make national news. Praise The Lord Our God. ( To Be Continued...)

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