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The Prophetic Word of The Lord for 2022

Updated: Jan 19

Hear The Spirit Of The Lord...

Now see my outstretched hand cover thee and rescue thee from the disguised distraction of life. For i am changing your routines and I am shifting your plans as the year season has adjusted. For this will be the month time will catch up with you and those that that were owned to you will begin to find their way back to you. Find it not by coincidence that you will be prepared this month. For God say this will be the month of recovery and reimbursement. As major sports new story will become a hot topic in this month, and as we glide into the month of September God will prepare us for shocking news as governmental rumors and leaks will be made more publicly known. So will we even question our leadership more and will talk of "guard changes". in the month of October and November, we will see major leaders die and we will also see leaders emerge with a new grace. This will also be the month to be aggressive in following up, for the things that we desire will have resistance in this month seeming like it may be harder to get but persistence will open the door of favor. Continue to knock, for this door shall be opened, and continue to ask and you shall receive, seek for the opportunity in this month and so shall you find it. Honor and faithfulness go hand in hand, for this will be the month loyalty is tested within your home or social circle. Fear not for every tongue that speaks against you will be exposed but will you be humble enough to ignore it? For God is calling you to a higher standard in this season because in the fall months you shall receive a new mindset and grace on the Earth. August 23rd will be special. October will bring excitement, and December will reveal a new passion for progression. September will be the month of unexpected removals and unique merges within the governmental and corporate spaces. 9 weeks from now will even produce reaping and return. A recall of a child product or toy will even be spoken of in the news headlines. Even in the coming days or weeks an earthquake will be felt and known but we shall be protected. Praise Our God.

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