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The First 100 Days Of The Biden Admin

Are you ready for the first 100 days of the new administration? A new leader is the sign of a new season of leadership. Let's pray together for the next 100 days. This weekend I will be sending personal prophecies for the next 100 days which is for the next three months. I know that may seem like a lot but this last transition has taught me that we can only master focus through prayer, planning, and preparing. Therefore, take the time to pray for over the next 100 days of your life and read this prophecy...

for The Next 100 Days will bring a new wave. a new wind. a second wave and wind. the next 100 days will challenge structure and infrastructure. Pray against collapses. The next 100 days will be the time to pray for the BLM movement. This will be an hour to pray more for the safety of the youth. The next 100 days will be a season of financial overflow and stewardship. Watch your spending, as you will spend more in the next 100 days. Invest in what produces harvest and fruit. A basketball scandal or secret within the league will be revealed. announcement from corporations and major companies. Walmart will take a turn or shift. This will be the time to pivot to prosper. The next 100 days will yield unusual weather. A major storm or shake will be known in the nation. This will be the season to pay attention to the water, to the ocean, and seas. For I even see a famous female artist that shall make headlines again by way of a surprise announcement between February and April for the number four continues to come before me. Pray for students and the grace of the teachers begin to shift to a new method of influence. the market will increase in the areas that produce more money and security. invest in real estate, security companies, currency exchange, or cryptocurrency, guns, and marijuana. Even going into the summer we shall see the industry of delivery evolve as more companies begin to offer delivery directly. In Jesus Name Praise Our God.


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