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The Prophetic Word of The Lord for 2024

Updated: Jan 18

See now a new time says the Lord, a time that will seem familiar to some and distant for others. A time that will remind us of things in the past yet we will see things we never thought of. For this will be the year of a divine leap. This will be a confusing year. This will be a real-time of truth. This will be a year of surreal reality. This will be a time when we will have an issue discerning real from fake, old from new, and lies from truth. This will be a year of many unusual lawsuits. This will be a year of conflicting resolutions. For I shall cause a geographical repositioning that will shock many, this will cause people to see things differently as the perspectives will begin to change. For seasons shall seem to be delayed but there will also be a catching up that will that place. In the Summer months a rapid effort of balance will come into play for as things will seem backward, so shall the tables turn. A shift will come in the housing and real estate market, you shall see more young people buy homes. Senior housing communities will expand across the nation causing senior citizens to rent or sell homes. California shall encounter major changes in 2024, for I shall shine light upon the House of the Governor, I shall bring about an explicit story from the government. New Hampshire.

For the Spirit of God shall in the coming month leading to November, New Hampshire. This will also be the year to hear a groundbreaking event that will be connected to oil or gas. explosion or a leak will be revealed. The tech energy will skyrocket this year. The evolution of Ai will advance faster than many think and the government will take action in several states. As Ai advances so shall the sense of reality fade as artificial will become a new thing. Another famous pregnancy will be shocking unto the world in this coming year. there will be at least two government shutdowns this year. Be careful how to treat and respond to people as tension will be high in the latter months. Unusual murders will continue to arise. Pray for R. Kelly's life in 2024. Pray for the success of the country and the restoration of a hurting nation. New laws of air and space will come about, even as this Word was released now see the manifestation of new protocols and policies concerning aerospace or air spaces. A new creative work will be revealed in America in the southern region. For new a product will be revealed that will bring us into the future of communication. Honda will be a major pivot or recall in the coming months. TO BE CONTINUED...

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