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Controlling What Controls You!

More often than not we become a product of our thoughts and actions, whether good or bad. Unfortunately, it isn't until its too late that we notice what ultimately influenced our actions and thoughts. Many of us are affected by someone or something to do something - unaware that our actions are the results of someone else’s influence. Whenever someone wants to take control of you they first have to conquer your mind. The Bible says ”Whatsoever a man thinks, that shall He be.” Therefore, in this season of our life, we must take the extra time to evaluate what is being poured into us to influence us. I once heard a preacher say, ”there are fives types of influences that provoke our thoughts and actions.

1. Sensory Influence 2. Socially Influence 3. Satanic Influence 4. Spiritual Influence 5. Self Influence

In this short lesson, I will briefly explain each influence, how they affect you, and how to identify them. The first type of control is simple - sensory. Meaning or related to your five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Other leaders may want to include spiritual senses in this category. However, that is deeper than where we need to do right now. Nevertheless, sensory influence thoughts are thoughts that are influenced by what we have encountered through our five senses. Often times when we smell, see or hear something unfamiliar we tend to assume or speculate what we believe it is rather than finding the facts to determine it's true identity or motive before responding. Truthfully I can admit I am guilty of this. In the past, I have improperly reacted to something or someone based on my sensory influence thoughts. For example, i would hear something wrong and immediately freak out then when time passes, and i found the truth I'll say "well I thought I heard them say… " Sometimes we respond in ways that are unbecoming based on a misunderstanding.

Socially Influence thoughts are formed from the social interaction and encounter we face daily, whether via social media, going into the office every morning, or even just sitting on the porch looking at the neighbors. Anything that involves other people’s opinions and actions falls into the category of social influence. This would be number three amongst the most potent type of power in my opinion. Most leaders - spiritual and secular, celebrities, politicians, or simply anyone with enough money can have social influence. Nonetheless what truly matters is not who influences you socially, but how are they influencing you. For example, Hip-Hop isn’t bad, and the ones who produce it isn’t bad either. On the contrary, if I start listening to Future or Cardi B (hip-hop rappers) and begin to take an interest in selling drugs or stripping to “come up” then I am being influenced negatively. Socially influenced thoughts are important not because they keep us relevant but because they keep us aware of what is going on around us and how to handle it. Although what we see the world and society do should be an indicator or measuring stick on how to operate - it should not be the model of our actions.

Next are the Satanic Influenced thoughts that come from the supernatural realm. Similar to the spirit influenced thoughts, satanic influence utilize every natural vessel to get messages to you. For example: have you ever been in a familiar place and you knew you were alone yet you see shadows more, or hear a voice? These are supernatural entities working stir up fear. In my opinion, there are only two ways to identify if you're being influenced by a spirit or satan - examine the motives and chart a course. If the direction of the course leads you to destruction or misery then its, not God. When mentioning spirit influence thoughts, we’re more so talking about the Holy Spirit’s ability to influence you. Keep account that there are evil spirits just like there is a Holy Spirit. Just like psychics draw from dead spirit, we as believers draw from the living spirit. My spiritual pattern or in other words my spiritual father once said ”any spirit on earth operating workout a body is illegal. Which is why when we were not saved, we’d go to the ’wine & spirits’ store. And when we drink those spirit, we begin to do things we typically wouldn’t. Spiritual influence can be both good and bad. However, it is what spirit you consume that controls you. Places, people, practices, and possessions all carry a certain spirit. The club, the church, the ranch, the country, the south, Auntie Julie, Ms. Madea, football, soccer, wrestling, Love & Hip-Hop, Walking Dead, the photo albums, the ring he left you, the clothes she gave you. They all carry a Spirit and the more you consume or show interest in that spirit the more it will attract you. Lastly, Self Influenced Thoughts. This would be considered as for how our own mind contributes to our own actions. Perspective- would be the easiest way to summarize it. Self-influenced thoughts are what really drives our emotions like anger, insecurities, happiness, jealousy, joy, and sadness. However, it would be foolish of me to not elaborate on this last point. A wise man once said, “How we see ourselves is how the world will see us.” Which I believe is true in agreement with scripture Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, says he to you; but his heart is not with you.” Or in other words, when you’re thinking about you to yourself - it’s from the heart so the volume or impact of your own perspective will drive you further than your thoughts about others. Because they are not in your heart. You’re thinkings / thoughts about others only remain within the mind and is only uttered if they’re connected to your heart. Nevertheless, these self-influenced thought control majority, if not all of our actions, which is why the perspective is so important. “Perspective determines your Reactions, while your Reactions determines your Future.” No matter what other influence you encounter, your-self influenced thought can outweigh it all but understand ”yourself” isn't just you alone. The Holy Spirit is within you as a part of you which is yourself. Therefore use the Holy Spirit to see things as God would see or want you to see it, then respond accordingly. Listen, God isn't a liar, so although you may be or may have experienced all these negative and positive influences, Don’t Allow It To Over Power The God in You. For greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world. Listen I want to pray with you today!!! Click the link below and schedule a prayer call with me!

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