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If you enjoy the Word of Prophecy released by God's Prophet please sow into this ministry. Prayer is FREE.


It is our job to take care of the prophet as God has command Him to watch over us. Often times will pull so much from the Man of God but forget to be a blessing back to them. We are also training our next generation how to honor the prophet. For example in the bible, 1 Samuel 9:5-10; Saul and his servant went to inquire of the prophet after searching and being   unsuccessful at finding a donkey for Saul's father. Many times when the people of God wanted something from God they would have to seek out the prophet and bring him a gift or offering. This generation has become unfamiliar with the true authencity of the power of God' prophet. Nevertheless Prophet has been anointed and proven to speak the very things of God so we bless them.

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