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What I do...

People always ask me what I do so here it is. I could explain it in various ways but most people don't like to read.

So image me a twenty-one-year-old college drop out. Currently trying to build a stable income by chasing my dream. I freely living in a home that is not my own nor my parents. When I wake up every day I am working to build and establish two companies, ministry, brands, or whatever you desire to call it.

I have grown through the struggle of building myself -by myself. I have stepped in a lot on potholes as I progressed in college and pursued my dreams. Therefore my past is not pretty, I have had cars repossessed, college loans, legal situations plus my personal sins and secrets. My true dreams have been shatter BUT I STAND STRONG. Therefore now I wake up dreaming of making somebody else dream come true. I have been gifted with many skills, talents, and attributes AND I TRY MY BEST TO USE THEM TO THEIR FULL CAPABILITIES.

When I wake up I go to work: praying, prophesying, producing, modeling. I pray over the lives of the people connected to me that they would grow and tap into Limitlesness. I prophesy the dreams and visions of my generation so that they can move forward in God. I try to attend meetings, have various sessions, plan, and communicate with different entities to produce a lifestyle-altering event or occasion. I model the images, speak for the brands, and enhance the visual consciousness therefore giving the illusion oF a rose before you are struck by its horn.

Work for me is not easy. Work for me requires trust, time, finances, patience, support, dependability, consistency, selflessness. Work for me is going to work at Krispy Kreme just to fund my entity THAT BUILDS, BRANDS, ENHANCES, ENCOURAGES, CONNECTS, SPONSORS, DONATE, SACRIFICE, GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR AND EVERYTHING ELSE IT TAKE TO ASSURE THAT THE NEXT PERSON'S DREAM CAN COME TRUE. My job is the middle finger of the bunch. If I have to lay down on my side for 365 days and do nothing. I will and have because it makes the next man's dream come true. #bible


We I left college I became full-time. Not by choose but by submission. What I do Is dangerous. Who I Am Is Dangerous. My Position doesn't Pay Well but My Purpose will Pay Off.

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