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The Worship Experience.

"The Worship Experience" ( or as I like to call it the "worshipper's experience) - is a key element in developing a healthy church or ministry.

Equivalent to a customer or shopper experience, the worshiper's experience provides insight on the elements that make up what we recognize as "doing ministry". Valuing the worshiper's experience can inform you on what areas, you as a leader, needs to improve within your church or ministry. Having a five-star worship experience creates an atmosphere or an experience that makes worshipers want to come back.

For example: when I first started my ministry sending prophecies, written prophecies were free and easy to obtain. Therefore, as a result of it being so open it cause me to be overwhelmed with the number of people requesting prophecies and the policy of "when you request a prophecy, you'll receive it in 48 hours" was ignored. However, my website still said all prophecies will be sent within 48 hours of request been sent. So in essence people, where expect prophecies in 48 hours and they weren't getting them until weeks later. The prophecies were still accurate, and much need but because I was delayed it gave room to diminish my worshiper's experience.

Same as for actual churches, services starting late, too many people talking in services, disorganization, lack of unity, sound not working, and etc... all that plays a part of the worshiper's experience. If the worshiper experience isn't valued, you can expect visitor but don't expect consistent worshiper, or in other words members. People want to go to a place where the WORSHIP EXPERIENCE is important.

In the Bible, when Jesus encountered people he gave them a gentle and genuine experience that filled a void or provided a greater level of comfort within their lives. Jesus presented himself as a universal helpful resource that not only allowed people to value His gift to them but also they valued their experiences with him. When you true gain five-star worshiper experience, it's memorable. John 4 - Jesus encounters a Samaritan Woman. Even though Jesus called her out on her issues, her experience as a worship gave her a memorable experience that provokes her to share it again and again. Thus informing people of that this place or person is providing such a valuable service, you must see.

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