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The TWELVE: Pledge To Support

Hey, I'm looking for a couple people who believe in my gift to pledge your support!

Often times I have been harshly criticized for my gift and the ways I operate. People have even defamed for my right to require a seed upon prophesying. Nevertheless, I've learned that I can't make everyone happy, and I can't continue to explain or compromise myself. So, after much prayer I am starting a campaign to gain at least Twelve People that will Pledge to Support My Vision for the Next 12 Months.

By joining the Twelve Partnership, you provide me with time and resources to more effectively accomplished our mission. My vision is simply to prophesy, however, the mission is to advance people through my gift of prophecy. It isn't of effortless to prophesy! It isn't mediocre to write prophecies! It's nothing short of pure anointing that allow me to write accurate prophecies for people who I have never and may never met! And of course, I love doing it but I have bills too! Both personal and professional. I am blessed to have a thriving business that takes care of me! On the other hand, requiring donation for prophesying is the only way my ministry of help can afford to survive! With that being said, if I could have at least twelve people that would commit to financial supporting my ministry for the next twelve months, I believe I could make a major impact national. Therefore, if you would be interested or like to pledge to partner with me for the next twelve months please click the link below. Not only will we impact the nation but I will make it my duty to personally impact your life!

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