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The Hour Of The Temperance Test

Last Nights God gave me this scripture "Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool." Ecclesiastes 7:9 NLT and urged me to pass it along. In this season frustration seems to be nearing so easily. Maybe it's because of the summer heat, or the pressure of going to a new level. However, despite whatever may cause tensions to rise in this season we must be prepared. so here are some tips you'll need for the next 3 weeks. Tip One: Perspective determines Reactions, and Reactions determine your Future. 

Always take the extra time to evaluate any situation that may attempt to anger, frustrate, or distract you. Often times, the way we see something determines how we respond to it. Just because we may see a six doesn't mean the person standing across from us is wrong for seeing a nine instead of a six. Sometimes position defines perspective. When you're in a different place or position that can only see one side it may be difficult to understand the full story. Therefore, in all thou snapping, get an understanding first! Don't allow anger to put you in jail. Tip Two: If you do what is acceptable, wouldn't you be accepted? Many times, we become upset with people or people become upset with us because although we can do whatever we want, doesn't always mean we should do whatever we want instead of doing what is truly best. Although I have my own house, i understand that my house is owned by the people i am leasing it from. Which means there is a certain level of responsibility that is required for me to live peacefully in what is mine. That responsibility is called "paying the rent" and once i response properly to what i desire to have or do then I have nothing to worry about. Same with you, in order to control what frustrates you must properly fulfill the responsibility that comes with the goal you desire to accomplish. Nobody likes anything done half-heartily, it's all or nothing. Tip Three: Remember all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose. In the midst of my frustration and anger, I tend to laugh because I recognize the tactics of the enemy. The easiest way to get us distracted is to get us upset because it's in that moment when we abandon our spiritual thought process. Therefore, anytime someone begins to make us angry remember that all things are working together for our good, so even in our frustration - remain calm because it going to work out for the good. We said it all the times as children "God doesn't like ugly" so never allow other to make you get ugly! Allow them to be ugly yo you because your humility will be rewarding. Listen, beloved this was on my heart for you. I pray it will help yo out over the next three weeks. I love you. 

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