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The Future For Future

Hear What The Spirit Of The Lord says concerning Future "the hand of God shall guide you Future. You shall explore new places and reach new heights. For the next two years will be filled with blessings and testings, but in the third year the end result will manifest to paved the way for the Rest of Future. You will come to change. You will come to be grateful for smaller things. You will use influence to empower a nation of men. A close call will be found before the future of an exotic orange car that will become news. You will be recovered with no major damage. You will see signs of The Lord's grace upon your life. You will also speak of a new daughter within the coming months as you age out of 2018. The accomplishment of a certain reward will be obtained as new investment begin to be seen and even the sound in your music will change. There will also be a collaboration will Snoop Dogg that will be a hit. Also a shocking relationship will develop within the year of 2018 with a familiar actress. For you are a sign to a generation of people trapped by an illusion. For you will help thousands wake up to become more than the average black man. You will be a pillar to black business owner as you continue to establish new sources of income. For even a new retail opportunity will come as new products are approved coming into the summer of 2019. You will make money from a new fashion trend that will promote a newly passed legislation. You will may new connection to Miami. You will perform at a new venue in Las Vegas, one that was once closed to you before. You will turn a new left as an old relationship that causes angry will be renewed and harsh word will be left out. You will attend a new session as you go into the year that will help you get something align with your family. For even the issue that comes with your mother side will be taken care of more professional this year. A new type of session will benefit your family. in the October season, a new opportunity will come as the change you have made will reflect positive sparking a new magazine interview, you will take of your relationship with God as the Father. There is an attack on your life to turn your think to another religion but faith will not faded for it is only God who has kept you this far. You will even go into a new acting role as you enter the 2019 year. For this will be the year to refocus and re-brand. Inner city development will provide to be fruitful to you in the long run. for as you continue to provide the key to a city shall they give you. Favor is upon you, so never stop believing in You!"

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