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The TRAILBLAZER Anointing.

 As we progress through the 2020 new year, many of us have high expectations attached to excitement for what the next decade will bring us. I must even admit as I reflect over the past ten to twenty years my hopes for the next several years will be far beyond what I have imagined in the past. Ten years ago this month God commissioned me to the office of the Prophet. I had just experience one of the biggest traumas in my life at such an early age. However, my love for God was still young, fresh, and full of zeal. While I had no idea what being a Prophet was, like Elijah throwing his mantle upon Elisha, God had thrown His spirit upon me and I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit like never before. At that moment I wrote my very first prophecy. The Spirit of God showed me a vision which I was instructed to write down by my mother's bishop. (She was on the phone with him asking "what do I do" as I'm was being thrown around in the spirit uncontrollably) Ten days later the vision I had seen while in the Spirit began to manifest right before my eyes. For there on out I have been hearing from God and writing everything He reveals. From there He has birth not only a ministry in me but also a business has been launched out of me and this was the first of many. Over the past several weeks and maybe even month, God has been setting me up to release this coat off my life and be elevated to something more. 

At the age of 20, I left college and six months later launched into my ministry. Not only crawling my way into full time ministry but also starting a business called The Limitless Alliance. Now as I go into 2020 - my business and my ministry will be turning seven years old. The number seven is a important number. It symbolizes divine completion, spiritual awakening, and is associated with the number of God.As we celebrate inwardly I have been charged by God outwardly. Since the launch of my ministry and business my own family has launched ministries and businesses. As a whole, my family has started a Food Truck business, my aunt has launched a ministry and my cousins have started individual businesses. Not only is my family launching into new territory but ministries are now being established as a work of the prophetic work we've accomplished. Therefore God has now charged be to release what has been released on my life. For a long time I thought less of myself because of people's opinion. Yet it is only now I understand what God has affirmed me to be - a TRAILBLAZER amongst people. A trailblazer is someone who pioneers a new course or in other words they burn the trail the walk to make a new path for the one that shall follow them. The last seven to ten years, I believe God has made me to be a trailblazer and over the next year I want to impart this anointing upon as many Millennial Believers as possible. If You’re 30 & Under, I want you to Sow A Seed of $25 And Connect with us as a Monthly Trailblazer Partner! God has assigned me to release the Trailblazer anointing over you life and develop a relationship with you over this year. When you make this covenant not only I will call you to release this grace but you will also receive exclusive website access, free monthly prophetic sessions, and a weekly subscription to “Trailblazer” the prophetic newsletter. Whether you're a doctor, starting a clothing line, the first to finish college in your family, or launching a ministry, I want to release this over your life “within the next year your life will change and will pioneer a new path for those connected to you and following you. Everyone truly connected to me, even my Pastor who is now a renown Trailblazer in his circle and community has this grace and I want the same thing for you!

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