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Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Hey there, Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Give Thanks, Day! Listen, you know we can not let this day go by without saying THANK YOU to every partner, sponsor, believer, volunteer, spectator, staff member, family member, subscriber, and friend. You fit into all those categories whether you know it or not, therefore, I am obligated to express my love to you on today. Often times we forget what this day is about. Too many people think it's about stocking up on food and to others, it's just another social party day. Nevertheless, I want to remind you that this day came about from one group of people giving "a meal offering" to another group of people. Despise all the American holiday's we celebrate - this is the most sincere date yet we have become ungrateful and self-absorbed. I didn't write you to preach but I do believe God gave me a simple word for you "Thanksgiving is about you GIVING THANKS and Not Getting." Might I suggest that your appreciation is shown in your outward expression? Even now on a national platform, our President was in heated fellowship with a man about saying thank you. Now I don't want to make anyone mad, but I must speak what God says. "It is our jobs; as elders and leaders to teach the people upright moral and living." As a parent, you should never undermine your child showing respect, or in other words, if it is right to say thank you or to express appreciation to someone, it is completely wrong for you to retract or hindered that appreciation. The infamous statement "give credit where credit is due" comes from honor and showing appreciation. Romans 13:7 "Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor." What is so interesting about this particular scripture is that it comes from the same passage that instructs us to submit to all authority because all authorities and leader are appointed by God. We have lost so much respect and honor for our leader as well as one another. We have stopped giving thanks, credit, honor, and respect where it is due. When someone blesses you, it is our obligation to bless them back in our outward expression of appreciation. If you go to your mother, mother-in-law, or grandmother's house today to eat and you don't bring anything to contribute - they may not say it out loud but they will be expecting a "thank you" or some form of appreciation. All I'm saying is "Let this Thanksgiving be about you GIVING THANKS" even if that means giving grandma or mother time to sit down while you serve the food or how about this invite someone over for dinner that you want to say thank you. You may never be able to sow a financial seed into their life but you can always give a "meal offering" like the native Americans. Once Again, Thank You So Much For Being Connected To Me, I really do love you and appreciate you.!

- Omarious Fann

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