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Prophecy Released on July 22, 2019

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Know that I am Gd who does the unusual and unexpected. For this is the opportunity to know more as the next three months will reveal to you the plans I have for the 2020 year. For i has bring injustice into captivity of judgement. For the secrets that lay behind deception will be know. Truth shall expose the lies and falsehood. For you shall see a cereal brand come before the news. New policies will be introduced in the coming months that will concern air traffic or air place. And even as you come to the winter season a new report that will have an involvement with TSA will be manifest. A United State governor will be dethroned as his practices are ruled unethical. Pray for the safety of postal workers as a threat or altercation gone wrong will spark nationwide conversation. For you will know I am covering the people of God as this will be the season to prayer for leadership in the church. For i am calling a new era of people to the forefront. For as the body of a pregnant women has contraction to induce labor so shall the Word of God cause contraction within the Body of Christ to give birth to the sons of men. For i am using young trailblazers to pave the way for the unity of faith to be manifested in the earth. Hide yourself in prayer for as you do in the by the third Friday in the month of October you will see a fruitful harvest. Praise Our God. 


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