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Our Prophetic Ministry.

Just because you send us some money doesn't mean Imma prophesy to you. Just because you submit a prophecy request today doesn't mean God will speak to me today about you. Our Prophetic Ministry has been growing and operating smoothly since 2014, however, it was founded in the year 2011 upon receiving my commission. Unfortunately, I can't write nor send prophecies every day because I have to work for money some way. We don't receive money every week like your church. If I spend all day & week prophesying I would probably be broke! Because every few people actually give despise our prophecies begging accurate, true or manifesting. Over the years I have strengthened my relationship with God while perfecting my gifts and policy concerning how we operate in ministry. We have passed and failed many tests but God still allows us to be. There are people even now (who are upset) waiting for a written prophecy and have yet to receive it because if God doesn't start talking immediately when I see a request, I have to wait until He feels like talking about you. We never want to rush written prophecies just because someone is impatient. We encourage every believer to register for a prayer call or a prophetic session if they desire immediate prophetic attention. Because we are a prophetic ministry and not just to place of worship we take it as seriously as any other job, whether spiritual or natural. We are expecting God to elevate this ministry and for us to be pioneers to the prophetic generation and community that is emerging. Our ministry will be the first of its kind to demonstrate extraordinarily power and miracles. We will be the go to ministry for the arise supernaturally generation. We denounce all forms or witchcraft, sorcery, divination and anything else that is not of God. Our mission and goal is to save as many individuals as possible by utilizing the gifts and power of God to restore spiritual sight and cause the realization of God to be found in every heart we minister to. We appreciate everyone’s love and support. Thank you so much. We love you.

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