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No Excuses - ADJUSTMENTS, we can all admit there we've done things out of our own motivates and desires to fuel it. There are 5 things that influence our actions. Sensory Perspective, Spiritual Perspective, Satanic Influences, Social Influences, and Self Perspective. With that being said you must begin to analyze what is influencing your actions and adjust. Often times, when we experience something that may give us a good vibe or bad vibe, and when we sense that we react. Sometimes our reactions are the best response to a situation and other times our reaction may not be the best or yield the best result. In that case, we can't cry or get frustrated but rather adjust. Even recently I misinterpreted something and while going back to pray and examine my mistake God embraced me letting me know that when things happen - Don't Make Excuses, Make Adjustments. There is always a reason for everything. Understanding what God is saying is the key to never failing. If you fall celebrate because then God can catch you and pick you up. Don't lose your cool in adversity and opposition just change positions with God. You could be leading in a place where He needs you to follow for your protection, and because you leading the enemy will also hit you first! So receive this Word of Wisdom today No Excuses, Just Adjustment. 

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