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Miracle - mir·a·cle (noun)

“What man said couldn't, shouldn't, and wouldn't happen however by divine intervention, God steps in and makes it occur by His own supernatural power! So often we have minimized miracles to magical movements by God when in actuality it's as simple as something being done in a situation where men have doubted something could be done. Often times we miss the value in a miracle because we over spiritualize God thinking that He is too big of a God to step into our situations. Listen, as we prepare to enter a month I want to prepare you for a new mindset. The mind of miracles.

As I study the life of Jesus, many of His miracles where performed in situation where He had to under go major humiliation and/or criticism. However, His faith always believed in the Father while men doubt anything couldn't be done. For example, the return of Lazarus. Martha and Mary cried out "Lord, if you would have been here my brother wouldn't have died". Even the people who surrounded them at the tomb began to criticize Jesus as if He was out of place. Some even said "isn't this the man that opened the eyes of the blind, surely he could've kept this man from dying." imagine the anger, frustration and humiliation Jesus felt as people doubted Him. Yet He responded to Martha by saying "didn't I tell you that you would see the glory of God if you believe." See it's not that God can't but it's a matter of - if you believe then He will. See the miracle wasn't for those who believed because Jesus had already prophesied that this would happen. Nevertheless, He prayed out loud to the Father for the miracle to show those who didn't believe that it is your belief that provokes God to produce the miracle. Most times when Jesus performed a miracle in the sight of others, it was based on the factor of their faith and motive. Another example Mark 5:34 Jesus turns to the women with the issue of blood to say "daughter your faith has healed you, go in peace" Jesus even tell us through His teaching in Matthew 21:22 "whenever you pray, BELIEVE, you have receive it and it will be so..." another book say if you believe, whatsoever you ask for in pray you shall receive." All it takes is your faith to believe God will. not just that He can, because we know He can but do you trust him. do you believe He will?

Listen this message wasn't suppose to be this long on the other hand, the Holy Spirit took over just to encourage you in this current hour that all you need is to BELIEVE! Just like 2 Chronicle 20:20 says... Believe in God and Believe in The Man or Woman of God that He sent then you will be established and prosperous. Its an "If you, Then I" type of thing... I love you and I'm praying with you. Be blessed.

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