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Let's Bet! i Mean Vote!

Hey “We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.” ‭‭Proverbs ‭16:33‬ ‭NLT‬‬

i do NOT vote. Often times I have heard how important it is to vote. People have frequently encouraged me that my opinion matter as well as the actions in expressing that opinion. Voting, is the process in which a group of people come together to offer their opinion of what they believe should be the outcome. Most times, the more people that can express their unified belief is usually the deciding fact of the overall results. Nevertheless, times has proven that just because majority rules doesn’t always mean the majority is right. 

It is my personally belief, based on hours of studying that the idea of voting comes from the theory of “casting lots”. Similar to rolling dice, casting of lots, is a process called “cleromancy” in which the outcome is determined by means that normally would be considered random. Casting of lots was first introduced to me in my early childhood. Describe as God way of choosing the outcome, casting lots have always been found in the Bible in places of appointing men into position or determining the direction of people. As I continue to age, understanding my purpose in this lifetime I’ve realized the voting process is inspired from casting lots. In the Bible when they would cast lots, it was an example of unified prayer. It was the belief of the people that as they casted lots or in other words - casted votes, the elevated lot/vote would ultimately be the choice of God. Did I forget to mention that this wasn’t always a privilege offer to the every believer or civilian. Only the Priest and Prophet could utilize this tool at will, equivalent to present day gift of prophecy. However somewhere in time casting lots became the “go-to way” to determine the will of God. Easy as flipping a coin, the casting of lots became the worldly man’s toy. It became corrupt and was manipulated to even conjure creations of gambling. Currently, our nation and local community is stressing the importance of voting, while regretting the results of their votes or the lack thereof. However, my reasoning in writing this is to encourage those individuals that question my lack of confidence in the voting system. I do, in fact believe the voting process is valid. It is the evolution of casting lots. Nevertheless, we must learn to understand the purpose and   the outcome of the casting; voting. Often times, we willingly cast our lots in but month later find ourselves upset. The solution to this madness is simple - get an understanding of what the outcome needs to be. We are not all gifted to have access or influence in the prophetic or spirit realm, which is why our opinions somewhat matters. The source or a lack of - information can determine the path of thought that defines your opinion. If your source of information tells you that an apple is bad, you will think that and ultimately resist apples. But when you have been given access to information, it gives you an advance, giving you the opportunity to response more appropriate to the outcome. Often times before we cast our votes, our thought process can be overwhelmed by the amounts of information and impression from informers. In the past God sent Prophets to be futuristic informants (informer). The Prophet is the agent of information that is able to retrieve forensic information or understanding on what the outcome needs to be. (The outcome should always be what God wants, regardless of our personal opinion of conflict.) A Nomination/ is ultimately the possible outcome of the most unified opinions. The nominations/ nominees are the opinions and petitions of the people. On the other hand as I once stated the nomination have often times been the issue. Allow me to pause to parenthetically digress “Just because you have a nominee/ opinion doesn’t always means it should be up for nomination.” We must learn as believer to shut our mouth’s. Prophets have access to retrieve futuristic insight, it may not always be the actual results of the casting/voting, but more often than not it is a reflection of the outcome. With having an advance look into outcomes and information, it places the prophet in a win-lose situation. 

Moral of the Story: Many times, as a regular man - I want to vote against apples, because I love chips. However, just because chips is the better nominee in my opinion doesn’t make it right. Your vote may be for apples but the majority is fat people, therefore we vote chips. As a prophet, we have access to the knowledge that the apples is ultimately what is needed because of what the outcome should be. Our outcomes in casting vote should always led our nation, communities and our individual lives into a more positive, better direction. Yet that’s not always the case. The job of the Prophet is to discern the direction of the people in order to foretell the outcome that will be produce. Thus giving the prophet the advance ability to see in the midst of all cloudy conditions. The Prophet is able to stand in the middle of the divide in order to hear God and give you the vision or information you need to birth something new, like Apple Chips! Prophet’s aren’t concern with casting lots or voting because we can see past your decisions knowing and accepting that a decision or choice is already made. Why give an opinion if your opinion is overlooked? Yet, we feel it is right and is the rights of the believer, voter, or the everyday civilian living in a region - to express their opinion concerning that region or the leader of that region. It is only the United voice/ vote that retrieves their desire outcome. While it is the job of the preacher - more so the Pastor to ENDORSE the right the vote, vision, opinion/ nominee.  (Hints the reason pastors with large congregations can NOT publicly endorse or support a nominee, yet they can vote. Because it  not about the vote….We don’t vote for our police officers  Might I suggest it was all a bet! The collusion will conceal but Jesus come to reveal that it was all a gamble and a deal! )  

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