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👉🏽 Last night the Holy Spirit spoke to me and was reminding me of an old prophecy I wrote “The Death of 3”. (This included “Bobby Christina”) Well as the Holy Spirit was reminding of this prophecy, He spoke the same thing again to me as if it was to come again... 

🤯 Today, I woke up to the news that Bobby Brown Jr. has died. My prayers goes out to his family and everyone connected to him. I also would like to prophetic say this is a sign to me to warn you all that prayer needs to be lifted heavy in this season over deaths. 

🗣 this will be the season we see a tripling in death. For I even believe there will be another “death of three” to manifest. Meaning 3 well-known people will die back to back because of this let us begin to pray before we all see the “Pray 4....” meme on social media.

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