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It’s A Dangerous Time

As Believers, and especially tin the black community, we Must Learn to Honor Each Other Before We Expect The World To Honor Us.  

If the only person we honor in the community is the local pastor, than we are literally turning our country and communities into “trumpism.” Look at what’s happening in the world, when Senators getting banned from other countries (communities) that they essentially have relatable ties to because of a disappointing, disapproving tweet of the leader. Now see that on a local and spiritual level. We must learn that we as cells, citizens, or just small number - have power. We boost the people we want into power based on appearance and once that power is gained it is abused. We cry endlessly because our communities are NOT being uplifted, supported, or properly governed but how can it when we don’t honor each other. How can we grow people or as a people, if we are in competition just to get the high seat, and when it is obtain it’s used to bathe in luxury.

We are in a dangerous time in life. When people feel disrespected just because someone disagrees with them - is dangerous. When truth is sugarcoated, hidden, and distorted just because of who said it, and who may see or disagree with it - is a dangerous time. When leaders no longer move with integrity, accountability, and transparency - its dangerous.

When we have reports of at least two mass shooting in less than 48 hours, a black boy shot in the black in Denver, lawsuits from the ACLU concerning almost every common-sense human right BUT NO SPIRITUAL OR HIGHLY RESPECTED LEADER offers or suggest we as a nation or community takes the time to pray in solace - it has become adangerous time. Dang near everyone I know, and the nation itself believes in “one nation or people under (governed) God” yet we’re ALL SITTING HERE DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL “all in the name of l got bills to pay, or I have kids to feed.” Is God not capable of handling our smallest issue like providing for our family for us, while we handle his work within the earth! Or does God Encourage us to neglect our predestined purpose and mission in order to maintain something we felt we needed or wanted?

We live in a dangerous time. What was once normal has become abnormal while that which was abnormal is becoming the norm. Such as disrespect, lack of honor and loyalty, accountability, transparency and other things that make up a long list of disappointment.

We’re living in a DANGEROUS TIME and nobody is saying nothing.

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