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Building A Foundation...

When starting a business, ministry, organization or anything... evaluate who you are doing it for... yourself or people... why? Because it determines how you build. In building churches, often times I see pastors design the church, their website and their experiences from their own desires.

Even in helping people start business, often times we see people start something from the burden they acquire from their experience. Nevertheless, the issue is that when building you can't only consider what you want, but you have to be considerate of what your audience needs.

In creation, you don't build based on your own desires because what you're creating isn't just meant for your personal enjoyment. Yes, it is good to consider your personal experiences and knowledge. But in the back of your mind you want others to enjoy your creation kust as much as you. If what is being created was birthed from your bad experiences, your goal should always be to enhance and expose. Create something better and show it to the world. Enhance the experiences you once encountered in order to provide a better version of what is already in the World. If you're opinion us the only one that matter then only people with your opinion will enjoy your creation. Moral of the Story: Create For The Betterment of the World. Stop creating to look better for or than the world.

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