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Prophetic Memo: Mayoral Candidates.

Here is my disclaimer, I am new to politics. Usually, I don't involve myself because I have never understood the principles of its community. I don't vote. I have voted once, only to experience it. However, in my walk with God I am learning great and wonderful things, including the ability to govern along with methods of governing, or in other words the how-to of overall government. As He teaches me slowly more and more insight it reveals on natural laws and government. With that being said this message is a prophetic memo to the current candidates for the governing office of mayor in the 2017 Birmingham election. To Both Current Mayor William Bell, and Candidate Randall Woodfin... Voting, to me doesn't matter because things are already set by God. On the other hand, there are thousands who do vote because they believe their opinion matters. They vote because they want their voice to be heard. Will their vote matter to you, whether elected, re-elected or not? Being a person who has such strong and different outlooks on voting and other things, I am familiar with the testimony and story of people who have died for people to have to right to be heard. Therefore I am urged to pin a letter simply stating that "this election is not about the quantity of votes but the quality of the vote." Both candidates have the awesome potential to lead this city into a season of great prosperity. However, there can only be one.

The idea of free will exist because God needed humans to feel a sense of power in order to trust him. In trusting him, you learn that it is not your will, agenda or ambitious that matters. You subconsciously begin to put His goals ahead of yours. Thereby surrendering what will happen and what needs to happen to God. Nevertheless, when people vote this week, understand they're not voting for a person or an agenda but a person who will respond best to their vote. I believe, we all can attest that numbers don't matter. That's what voting was supposed to be about, how many people agree with "a voice" or in other words a candidate. Yet even our past presidential election has taught us that though you may not have the numbers of people, you can still surprise the region and take it by force. The thing is, it's not how many people vote for who. It's about how many people are united in one vote/ voice to be heard. No matter who wins, will the loser be willing to help the other. See it's not about many friends or votes, you got. Are you making the right friend? Or in other words, are you giving people to cast their vote? Are you making millions of friends, making friends with millions (aires), or making friends with million dollar hearts? God says it's a difference. Only the one who will adhere and uphold the vote or the voice of the people will be appointed as governing leader of this region. The great thing about God is; even when He has already made up His mind, He still leaves room to change it. So to be upfront, a decision has already been made by God, it is He who establishes all authority, powers and governing officials. However, the decision can be overturned. Might I suggest, making the right friends with the right voter/ voices. Whose agenda really matter? Yours, your opponent or the agenda of those who are electing you. If I give you 100 fish, you eat 100 days or less, if I teach you how to catch fish you'll be in joy forever. Don't try to gain the whole school of fish, just get the principle/ principal.

(( in my personally opinion, created from a series of conversations, witnessed events and information received, neither of you deserve the position. However, God saw fit to allow you to even be nominated, so humility should start there. Because truth be told by the Holy Ghost, both of you will receive more votes/likes that you would have nomination/ actually approval.)

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