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I Mourn The Living

Every day I pray for the Body of Believers, including those in leadership and those who are not. I have experienced many positions and levels within ministry and without glimpse of light in sight I cry for us. 

So many people have been hurt, mishandled, and taken advantage of without the walls of church and ministry. I have even learn that more people out side the church has a beauty relationship with God but have failed to elevate and cultivate that relationship due to some conflict with the Body of Believer, whether it be leaders against leaders, saint against saint, or leader against saint. My ministry specifically ministers to believer who are confused about church homes, wrestling with conflict within the church, or simply can not express themselves with their own leadership in order to be helped. On every level of ministry I have seen, heard, and the experience disheartening situation that would not be normally expected from leader, or in other word more experienced believers. Nevertheless, out of all that I have witnessed or experienced, I have never exposed, publicly mocked or directly attack any leader, regardless of what I knew or thought.  On the other hand the issue that is growing now is a lack of accountability and integrity  Not only are we gaining a stronger lack of integrity but we are also duplicating the same issue within the next generation. When leaders can attack other leaders and nobody say anything, show the age we are moving into. It is a perfect example of “TRUMPism”. And I said it years ago, we have too many Trumps in ministry. Which is why so many millennials are settling to become “Motivational Speakers, Life Coaches, and Etc.” Because they desire to do what you do but neglect responsibility, accountability and integrity that come with it. Oh how I mourn for the people of earth and the people who call themselves Godly. Things are so backward. Since when did the world’s people have more class, moral conscious, and decent human principles than thee people of God.  

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