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Your Gift STILL has the ability to Produce.

Often time, we forget how valuable our gift is - until we see someone else using it! Make that make sense Omarious... Whatever gift, or in other words, whatever Seed God gives you always has the potential to bring forth something. However, how you CULTIVATE and value that gift will determine its potential to produce for YOU! The ground or land all around you is a gift from God. Just because you use it to walk on instead of 'gardening or farming' doesn't mean the ground is incapable of producing fruit. Someone is producing from the ground. God gave you the gift of prophecy or singing, now just because you haven't prophesied or song on a major platform doesn't mean you still can't. Someone is doing it. The ability to read and write is a gift from God. Just because you don't value those gifts doesn't mean they can't produce value for someone else. I decide to write a book. God gave us trees, just because you don't build houses or make paper, doesn't mean the tree is incapable of producing. Trees are one of the most resourceful and ancient gifts God has given us. (Prophet, what do you mean?) Throughout time the gift of a tree and repetitively meet the need of a man. Whether it was the fruit of the tree or the wood that forms a house and chair, or the branches that produce the paper that produced money and checks that are still valuable to this day. So might I suggest on this morning that your Gift (and let just gone say it) and Every Seed that You Sow STILL has the ability to Produce. Repeat After Me: "My Gift Is Still Valuable!" Point is... If you have a gift use it, recreate it, rebrand it, and allow it to produce for you! 

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