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Power To Be A Witness!

This week's message is simply; Acts 1:8 says "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." I want to preach this like your pastor normally would. I have about 3 points and a close for this message. Firstly, let me tell you this, there is nothing more important to God than your praise. I told you how God rejected Cain's offering because it was without faith or delight. Well let me explain that. You can't give God nothing because He is everything. You can't take God anywhere because He is everywhere. You can't tell God anything because He already knows everything. Therefore the only thing you can do for God that He can't do for Himself is praise and worship. So our praise is and has always been mandatory to having a closer relationship with God. Why? Because if you don't worship him, He will cause the things around you to worship him because if he worships himself, he is operating in pride. And God resist the proud. Although, we learned through Cain that our offering is a form of worship, there are times when offering gifts aren't acceptable. It's one thing to say you love someone, but it's more sincere to say you love someone through your actions. Last week we saw in the Word of God that Jesus said in Matthew 15:8 "'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." We asked God "how" and he told us that where our treasure lies that is also where our heart abides.

Well that will bring me to my text for today. Many of us know how to give God out of our treasure but many of us don't know how to give ourselves. Giving makes us sacrifice. Even last week, I made a link for those who want to be a sacrifice yet many people ignored it. We don't realize that our life is the greatest form of praise. If I was to list the forms of praise, with giving/ offering being number one, I would have to say that "my life" would be the second form. You may say Prophet, how is your life a form of praise. Well let's break this down. We just said that God can not praise Himself because if He does he is in the spirit of pride. Well if God tell someone else what He did for you, He is crediting himself which is a form of pride. I heard God tell me "Son, I have created you and have given you power, Holy Ghost power. Therefore your life should be a living sacrifice." Your life is a live feed of praise. I wandered within myself, knowing that God was getting onto me for not spreading His Word enough. Silenced by His words, God begin to tell me, Luke 4:18 "The Spirit of the Lord is on you, because I have anointed you to proclaim good news to the poor. God has sent you to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free," Then He said "if then i have done all this for you, why aren't you bring in more praise." I wandered again. God how can I bring in more praise? Suddenly the Holy Spirit says "by becoming witness."

A witness is nothing but an agreement of an account or encounter. So God said to me "Son i don't want you to always offer me gifts and natural currency. I want you to be a living testimony. A living sacrifice. A living praise." Once again I asked God "how do i do that?" He said to me by being a witness. The more you can atest, or in other word witness about the power of God in your life the more he is pleased. When you can say "God did this for me after i obeyed him" is a more valuable testimony that a valuable value. So I want to encourage you on today, to become a witness for God. When you spread the love and news about what God does for you - not only do you honor him, but you bring in more praise for God.

I know this wasn't the best Message from God, but it was the World of the Lord of Today. You can't be a messenger of God, if you can't be a witness of God. Messengers come from God while a witness point someone to God. Don't just be someone bringing messages from God, be a witness that can point someone to God. Amen.

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