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Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine. Proverbs 3:9-10

Every Friday it is my goal to write you and inspire you to live better and fuller lives. I achieve this goal by taking the time to assess the necessary area of improvement in your life and teaching on these practices. Once I have identified those areas that you could work on, we send you new life altering principles, prophecies and practices to guide, encourage and direct you into better moments in life. Therefore this week I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with this word, GET FOCUS.

Guys, with only six weeks into the new year it's time to assess our progress. Usually for parents, this is the time children are bringing home progress reports. As your prophet, it's about that time for you and I to evaluate how you are moving forth in God.

  • Are you spending more time with God?

  • Have you set aside a time you meet with him everyday?

  • Do you read a chapter of scripture from the Bible a day?

  • Have you start making decisions based on prayer first?

  • Do you feel the desire to improve even now?

These are question that you should be asking yourself as in pertain to your growth in God.

Are you attracted to God or attached to God?

You can always tell when a person is just attracted to God verses being attached; because their focus can easily be stolen by the next attractive thing. Focus is defined by how you prioritize your interest. Focus is often times determine by the motives of your actions, as actions are the manifestation of your interests. Whatever you desire, that's where your focus is. The Bible says 'where a man's heart lays, there also will his treasure be.' God often determines your priorities by your spending. Whoever you give to first and more, that's who funds your focus. If your focus is cars then everything you do will relate to cars or obtaining a car. If your focus is money, everything you do will be center around getting or spending money. Motives determines focus. When your motive is to achieve an orgasm, you care about nothing else. You simply focus on finding a man or woman to fulfill that desire. When your focus is on getting a man or woman, you disregard morals to achieve motive. However might i suggest this is the time to define our focus. Focus on the mission of God. Focus on the Word of God. Focus on growing closer to God. When we start focusing on God and then you'll realize that everything and every one is in obedience to God. How do you think the prophet can prophesy and touch on every area of your life. Not by focus on the future or the past but by focusing on what God wants for you, and summoning all of your future 'focuses' - or interests into what God wants. Listen, God is focused on you. He wants everything you want. It is God who even gives you the desires of your heart. Therefore, I challenge you to focus on God.

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