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You're Too Opinionated to Follow Christ.

Are you different! No matter what you think you are different. God called you to be special. Before being black, white, latino, Baptist, Pentecostal, Muslim or anything else; we are children of God. As children of God, as disciple of Jesus - we don't do what Americans do. As Disciple (Mark 8:34) we don't do what Africans, Mexicans, Arabics, Americans or any one else do. We do what Godly people do. We are guided by the Word and Will of God. Over the last several weeks, many people criticized me for not participating in this year's election. This last November, I was relieved from the responsibility of endorsing or selecting a presidential hopeful. Some people told me, you prophecied wrong prophet. Nevertheless, if that be so, my apologies. However, I support who God supports. Many of times, before the election, when asked who I would vote for my remarks remain the same. "I'm not voting for anyone. However secretly I have a selected a candidate." Subsquently, I privately disclosed my personal opinion stating "i would select Trump, not because he is Godly. I would chose him because of his financial, political and historical economic numbers." Also it was impressed upon me that Trump was God's choice. His financial and business testimonials, proves he has potential to properly restore our country. Yet i refuse to endorse anyone because I side with God. My vote is whatever God votes. This upset many people, but I have no concerning for their feelings.

Many of times as people of God we are too opinionated. I disclosed with many people the prophecies that came to me leading toward the days of the election. I restated how the Spirit of the Lord spoken to me in March of 2016 that 'Madam President orchestrating the demise of others.' Well, now we have no Madam President. So was I wrong? To some, yes. To others, no. Just like in Hezekiah, the Will of God is always tentative of changing. On Nov 2nd, I wrote the prophecy for the month November. That message spoke of failure concerning a calculated governmental plan of success, which was Hillary Clinton. Yet, as prophecied, the plan coordinated to succeed was unsuccessful. A new resolution to dissolve chaos is in the working and God is still on the throne. With that being said, the future plans changed causing us refocusing on becoming Godly.

Many Christians are 

upset because Donald Trump is President. Understandable. However those same believers claiming "only God is my president" and "God controls the president", which is true - are the same believers walking in rebellion. My question is where was that statement of faith when you voted. Many people are upset at God choice, not realizing IT WAS GOD'S CHOICE not ours. You maybe upset even by that statements, but I will speak what God is speaking. He never called for the believers to have a president. So here it is, now we have a new president and because you don't like the him, you think you the right to disrespect him. The Bible says in Romans 13:1 "Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God." This is why for weeks, we have been studying: The Father's will, Your will and Freewill. Because we all want certain things but other people want the opposite and then God wants us all to have what we want. So the agenda of life can be difficult but the key to being different is submitting. Yeah, I wanted to vote. Yes I would've prefer someone else. I could have said, "yeah I voting for Trump because I know he would win. But No! I want God more, so I followed God. We made a graphic that said no Trump, no Clinton. We Vote God. Why? because Godly people are only concerned about what God is doing. The Bible says in 1 Thesslonians 4:11 "to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you." Too many of us who call ourselves Christians, disciples and/or believers have too much mouth to be SLAVES OF CHRIST. 

Slaves don't have opinions, they just shut up and submit. 1 Corinthians 7:22 says "remember, if you were a slave when the Lord called you, you are now free in the Lord. And if you were free when the Lord w. called you, you are now a slave of Christ." So if you are a slave to Jesus, what makes you think you have rights to comment on the plan of Jesus. When Jesus asked to die for your sins, he didn't ask for your vote. When the nation was formed was your vote required? So why do we associate ourself with the world, or give a vote to the world that doesn't work for us in our favor. If my life is governed by spiritual laws, why should I voice my vote on natural matters. I don't take who gets mad but as a believer you are not equal to everyone else. While everyone in America is fighting for equality, you should l ready know. YOU ARE NOT EQUAL, YOU ARE DIFFERENT. YOU ARE A ROYAL PRIEST. AN AMBASSADOR OF GOD. Your don't do what other people do. You are special. You are different. WHAT THE WORLD DOES, YOU DON'T. While everyone else is indulging in sex, you promoting abstinence. While everyone is shout we hate Trump, you should be saying "God give him the mind to rule our nation with Godly wisdom." While everyone is out black Friday shopping, you are up praying against violence in the marketplace. If we are believers, we should embrace what we believe and stop false claiming. Praise Our God. This message came through the Prophet Omarious Fann, and I approve this message. 

On more thing before I let it go. What we are seeing in our country is only a result of our actions. We entertain foolishness but then wonder why foolishness is our leasership. Someone sent me a Facebook video or article, and it was about a radio personality on the Breakfast Club who insult a Christian singer for saying what I am telling you now. This lady pinned an open letter to Christian Americans persuading them, if they were true believers, to submit to Trump instead of rebelling a against him. She basically stated "the Godly thing to do is pray for him, respect him and submit to his authority as our nation's leader." After reading quotes from her letter this black man got on nation radio and insulted her for following the bible. Now many Christian would've heard him and agreed. However this black man disagree because as a disciple you life is guided by the Word of God, not personal logic. As a believer, I agree with my fellow believer not because she is a believer but because her principles are right. Many people in American practice hatred and are prejudice because they follow an unstable principles or lack leadership principles overall. Any true Christian knows that God called us to love ALL PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF RACE, CREED, SEX or whatever. Yet American being a country founded on these Christians principles have lost their way and as a result we have turned into a violent, rebellious, anger, divided nation. 

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