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Five Reasons To Give

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The Five Types of Giving is talked about throughout the bible in several forms. However, as a result of false teaching many believers have abandon true worship through giving. Today, I will breakdown the types or times to give. The bible says "for everything there is a time and a season. A time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to reap and a time to sow." Genesis 8 also say "while the earth remain there will always be seedtime and harvest." Well this is a ground breaker message, because EVERYTHING that is currently affecting you is a result of a seed you did or did not sow. God created us for worship. Everything we do is to glorify Him. But recently we have grown common to neglecting God and that has cause problems in our life. Conflict in our relationships or marriages, returning to bed that are not ours, issue with our children that bring on stress or even picking up habits that are not pleasing to God; are all result of our worship. Whenever the children of Israel encounter much adversity, it was on the account of them forgetting God. Anytime God was angry and His wrath was seen with His chosen people, it was because they forgot about Him. All they had to do was remember to honor God but they had a habit of getting pleased by God, getting satisfied with being pleased but forgetting who had the power to please them. So everytime that would happen they would get into a battle, lose and become prisoners of bondage for a season. However i have received some notes on when and how to honor God in giving that will help you remember God and stay away from the cycle of limbo. 

the Children of Israel gave on 5 different occasions: describes in Leviticus 1-6

  • The burnt offering

  • The Meat Offering

  • The Peace Offering

  • The Sin Offering

  • The Trespass or Guilt Offering

Each time the believers would give and offering/ sacrifice it was a form of honoring God, it was a sweet aroma to God when the priest came before him and giving the sacrifice from the people. Each offering represented a different time to give or a different type of praise to God. When the people came to the temple is was there obiliation to give to the Man of God as a symbolic way of giving to God. In order to sacrifce to God, they would give their sacrifice to the Man of God to make the sacrifice.

  • The Burnt Offering (Found in Lev 1) is the most common type of gift to God. It was similar to tithes. This is the offering that keeps the Fire on the Altar of God burning. or in other word this offering keeps the light on in the church and the light on in your head. This Fire was to never go out which mean one of the priest would have to always be on the Altar of God burning burning the sacrifice or offering made by the people. 

Note: whenever the people would bring there gift to the altar to be sacrificed, or given to God the priest, or the people in office service has the right and authority to eat of that sacrifice. Making a sacrifice on the altar is found in first in the story of Cain & Abel. (Genesis 4) then we see another burning offering done by Noah (Genesis 8) These where both forms of burnt offering to honor God. The burnt offering, is similar to your prophetic partnership gift or your church tithes, because it show reverence for your relationship with God.

  • The Meat Offering (Found in Lev 2) is a special gift to God. This type of giving is similar to saying your grace at dinner. Back in the old times they had an appointed time to go to the temple. Like how many of us go to church every sunday, but some of us only pay our tithe on first sunday. well this was there way of giving and offering to the priest as well. man f us have heard people say those terms together, Tithes and offering. But they are two different types of give. Similar to how you never eat before blessing your food, the meat or grain offering was never going into the temple without a offering. 

Note: in the old testament there were only 5 type of animals or currency used to give; Oxen, Sheep, Goats, Pigeon, and Turtledoves, If you could not afford one of the bigger animals like oxen you would have to purchase a smaller (Lev 5:7) Each animal was to be given for a certain offering to present a certain enery.

  • Oxen - given for the burnt offering; present services & strength

  • sheep- given for sin, guilt and peace offering; present meekness & purity

  • Goats - given for peace, sin, or guilt offering; present sin & judgement

  • Pigeon - given for peace, trespasses, burnt offering; present poverty

  • Turtledoves- given for peace, trespass offering; present innocences 

Depending on your motive for giving determined your gift in sacrificing to God. If you did not have the gift type in your possession you were to purchase something of lesser value sacrificing it in it's entirety. All gift were not sacrifice in whole. Burnt offering is a gift given in a whole, because the entire gift is burned in pleasure of God. The Peace offering was divided some when to the priest eat from, the fat went to the altar as the sacrifice and other portions where scatter to those the temple has to help in need. 

  • Peace Offering (found in Lev 3) is the offering similar to what we do on Christmas and birthdays or if they needed something from God. This was an offering that the believers made to God whenever they wanted victory or victory was won. Whenever something happen for the people that was good, that would give this gift to God in thanks for His gift. Saul often times wouldn't go into battle with making this type of sacrifice to the Lord

Notice: The peace offering is given to God which is done by giving to the priest. but the peace offering could be shared with those who brought it. When you want to present a gift to God, you give it to the man of God. He will then divide it up giving first the fat portions to God (that is why many people don't eat fat from animals, Leviticus 3:17, say that the fats is the holiest part of the sacrifice.) which means even in the monetary age we live in, the overflow of what God gives us should always be offered to God as a peace offering to him, the priest and everyone connected to the giver. (( Is this helping anyone, Our giving is our worship and our worship is off because we dont know when and how to worship but if you can catch this in the spirit, it will help you ))

  • The Sin Offering (found in Lev 4) is similar to Jesus dying for our sins. Of course, before Jesus in the old testament they sacrificed or gave an offering anytime they sinned. Because Jesus had not yet died and they know it was a grace that they were still alive after sinning. Many of us today neglect this type of giving but should begin to give God a small offering for letting us living in the midst of sin. Yes, because we sin daily, giving God $20 everyday for our sin could be expensive. But if you think about it the effect of your sin, could have been worst. 

The sin offerign comes from repaying for your wrong. If you sinned again God and you didn't get caught but later things started catching up to you, this is the time to give a sin offering. The sin offering acknowledges that you messed up and restores your relationship with God.

  • The Trespass or Guilt offering (Lev 5) is similar to the Sin offering. this trespass offering was a gift to God to reconcile your conflict with the earth. if you sin and was unaware of your sin this trespass offer would be made as insurance for you getting it right with God. 

All of these different types or times for giving is important to God, because they were all passed down from God to Moses to the believers but we had to forget God a lot. Therefore God recommissioned me to pass this teach back to you. Now i know this wasn't the simpliest message to undersatnd to I wan to break in down just a little bit more. I am about to put the 5 types of giving into three caterogries for youto easily remeber when to give. 

  • Give Legislatively  

  • Give In Revelation

  • Give By Inspiration

  1. Give Legislatively means honor your relationship with God by giving your burnt offering (or burning offering, as I call it) which is your tithe or monthly partnership seed. Give God A Burnt Offering Every Month or Two Week symbolic to him keeping the Lights on. Or Legislative giving is giving when you know you have slipped up. Giving a sin offering by legislative giving blocks the devil's right to accuse, judge or punish you becasue you are repaying for what you mess up. 

  2. Give In Revelation means honor God by giving in those times of seeking. this giving happens when you need God to reveal or if He has revealed the manifestation of something. Giving by Revelation is similar to giving when the servant of God speaks something into your life that you didn't know, didn't have or wanted. Anytime you go before the man or women service God you must give. Giving By Inspiration means honoring God by giving into what he has done. Or for example, when a preacher is teaching and his message speaks directly to you, that would be a moment to give. If i say I prophesy that debt cancellation is in the room. that is the moment to sow by inspiration because you aspire to have what was spoken. Inspiration giving comes from God placing a desire in your heart to give.

  3. All the ways to giving and worship God is easy and simple to remember. I often compare it to how i treat the world. If i break the law (God's commands) i have to pay for it, whether by paying the ticket( giving a sin offering) or jail time (reaping the afflictions of punishment.) If i go before the man or women of services (like the judge in court, or the lawyer, the prophet which is the spiritual judge and lawyer) i have to give my court fee (the offering for servants). Lastly, if I want governing services I have to give my tithe, taxes or burnt offering. it's all simply. All we have to do is acknowledge God and God will start acknowledging us. I pray this lesson blessing you. 

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