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DC YOUNG FLY is doing well. Prophetic Manifestation. 

​In 2014, Prophet Omarious wrote a personal prophecy to a young man who goes by the name of DC Young Fly. He is a social media comedian and now actor. In the prophetic script send to DC, the Spirit of the Lord mentioned" ...for in 2015 I see a movie opportunity" amongst other great tthing that would come. 

Well, now in late 2016 we actually get to see the manifestation of the opportunity prophesied into my brother's life. This prophecy to a lot of people may have seem delayed, but behind the scenes it has already been confimed and in production. It took two year for us to see the manifestation of the opportunity but the opportunity came as prophesied. I'm so glad the Word of God found him and he reacted according like receiving God's promise. I pray he continues on grow and do the will of God. Be sure to check out His new movie starring; Mo'nique, Danny Glover, Omarious Epps, Gabrielle Union and many more.

to Read the Original Prophecy to DC Young Fly

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