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Stop False Claiming

I heard God say "Son, these people who claim to be mine, are not of me. These people who claim to know, love and service me, are liars, for deny that of me."

I say "okay God, what do you mean?"

The Spirit of God said "Son, you know how you are with people, How uneasy you feel when people touch you at random? And how awkward you feel, when people who have never personally interacted with you, claim to know you? You know how you dislike people who talk on your behalf or about you, without having interacted with you or talking to you first

I said "yes God that's me, continue."

He then said "Son, we operate in a similar way. These people are claim me, when the do not get know me. They have come to recognize me, similar to how people recognize you from Facebook. People have seen me in public, operating in those who truly know me, yet they can only recognize me. These people have come to claim me, love me and even know me, when truth is exposed they only know of me. In oder for them to know me, they must be aware of my likes & dislikes. They have to know want turns me on and off. He said in order to know me you must know where I live and how to get there. Son, many of the people only know of me."

I sat there in awe.

Then he said "Prophet tell my people, 'it is time to get to know me.' For many are the believers, who persecute my sons and daughters. You have believe in me with knowing me. It's call recognition. But in order to know me you must interact with me. Tell the people 'My ways are not their ways, and my thoughts are not their thoughts. Stop calling my servants false teachers, false Prophets, false men & women of God, when they are not aware of who, I Am.' Prophet tell the people 'you can't tell someone what us not like God when you, know not God. For they claim me, but know not of my likes and dislikes. For they say 'we know The Father,' yet do not know how to get in my presence. Son, teach my people to know me, then, they shall not be deceive by those who wear my likeness but act contrary to what I like. The people are coming into a season of deception, a season of wearing mask and wearing costumes. Many of them shall be deceived because they can recognize what I look like, but are familiar with who I am, to know the difference. Son, a people shall rise to trick thee, yet if my people would turn to know me. Get to know my ways, themselves through true experiences, more interactions, and long encounters, then shall they be able to obtain anything of mine. They can't get what is mine if they don't know me. It is uneasing to be touch, not knowing - who touched me or why they touched me, not knowing me." 

Imma stop right there because in a minute God will go from saying "tell the people" to "teach my people." And right now I'm not about to teach this like I want to. Nevertheless this is for somebody and If it helped you, please drop a comment below. If you wanna hear the teaching, please invite me to your city, church, revival or whatever.

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