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The Word of the Lord for September 2016

I will move within this hour. For the nation will see conflict with another and even within they shall see chaos. Beware of riots. Beware of storms that will cause you to worry. For God says if you abide in me and I abide in you, thou shalt see protection. For this will be an hour of high murder. Division will come to separate you, alignment will come to in-sync you. Conflict will come to confuse you, Yet hearken unto the voice of God. For this is an hour of judgement and we are connected to a nation that has forget God. Therefore the wrath of God has kindle up again this house. I heard God say "It was I that brought you from under the hand of your enemy as Jesus has done for the people of Israel but later destroyed them that forgot him and walked in unfaithfulness; so shall it be in America." Pray against acts of terror, for this is a hour of increased threats. National Threats comes. Pray for train incidents and even an earthquake that will target the boarders. Rebuke the spirit of discouragement as your approach the 18th of this month. For sickness and tragic will attempt to cause you to question God, but a great healing will be found in the mind that will flow down. Surprise awaits thee 21 days from this. Fear no man for God has given thee favour to cross on dry land in this hour. Also I see unusual amount of application being approved this month. Don't forget God as your nation has; for this is a critical hour for the nation but a constructive hour for His people. Remember when God does something for you that you've been asking or waiting for HONOR HIM. Praise Our God.

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