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A Surprise in September

We have one more day left in this month and I am writing you in urgency. The number 8 is symbolic of New Beginning and New Creation. While this was the eighth month, things were created, restored, and separated. Nevertheless we came into a new season on this month. Prophet wrote to the Prophetic Circle on the 25th about how God told him "We are now in a New Season; on the 24th at midnight." What was amazing about that is the same day, on the 24th, our new ministry partner Genesis United Apostolic Ministries kicked off their annual Women's Conference and the guest speaker Apostle Diane "Debra" White confirmed exactly what God told Prophet Omarious "We are in a new season." Well with us being one day away from the month of Judgement & Fatality, I believe God is speaking something new. September is the 9th month, Nine is the number of Judgement and Fatality. Yet it is the seventh Hebrew month. Seven begin the number of Divine Completion. September is an amazing month. It is normally in September that we celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, which i learn in my prophetic training as young prophet, those are two of the Highest and Holiest Day of the year. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, it said to be the day God visits Earth. Rosh Hashanah is beginning of the Jewish New Year. Both of those event NORMALLY take place in the Seventh Month of the Hebrew Calendar and in the Ninth month of our Gregorian Calendar. Nevertheless this year it's different. This year our 9th month is the 6th month in Hebrew. Which means there are some things that have been delayed. this symbolizes that we are a month behind. Six is the number of man and human weakness, it is also associated with Satan and evil work.

So now let's put it all together. Normally, the Day of Atonement & The Hebrew New Year happens in the 9th Gregorian month and the 7th Hebrew month. Seven being Divine Completion, while Nine being Judgement, Fatality. So normally in September we would have God moving in Divine order to Complete, Finish, and Judge His plans for the remainder of the year. Normally in September, the shift would be to finishing up His strategic plan to end the year as He has desired. Well this year our 9th month is the 6th month. Six being of man, satan, and weakness; Nine still being judgement & fatality. Which says to the spiritually inclined "September will be a crazy month." September will be a WRESTLING MONTH. This will be the month to go and correct past errors. In this September we will not have the Day of Atonement, the Day of Awe, The Day of God's Glory; per usual. This September will be unpredictable and will cause for MAJOR Prayer. THIS IS NOT THE WORD OF THE LORD FOR SEPTEMBER 2016, yet in preparation for the Word of the Lord for September, I was urged by the spirit to give you this informative message. Wise people say "if you always stay ready, you'll never have to worry about getting ready, because you're already ready." As a prophet it is my job to keep you prepared and ready. So this is God's warning to you now - prepare for the unexpected. Repent & Surrender.

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