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Stop Interrupting Me

Let me say this: If you a Man or Woman of God and are Broadcasting the Word of God via Television, Periscope, YouTube or through any other method... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP ADDING YOUR OWN ADVERTISEMENTS, PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS, EVENT ITINERARY OR ANY THING ELSE... Stop it YOU ARE INTERRUPTING THE WORD OF GOD. you are causing a spirit of distraction to infiltrate the minds of the listeners.

ON PERISCOPE: if you are broadcasting a SERVANT OF GOD giving a message from God, WE DO NOT NEED YOUR "shameless plugs" WE DO NOT NEED YOU "giving out your website for seeds to be sow" - If we want to sow a seed, or if the Servant ask for a seed - we are capable of searching their site to sow into them. WE DO NOT NEED YOU GIVING OUT YOUR WEBSITE OR INFORMATION. On YouTube: we know that you have to get your coins my advertisement, but you either do that BEFORE or AFTER the Word of God goes forth. STOP CAUSING DISRUPTION IN THE WORD OF GOD.

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