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Pastor & Prophets

As a prophet it's not your job to be liked. It our job to do and say what God says.

Prophets cease to be a Prophet once the become a pastor. There is a difference in the prophetic office and the priestly office.

Moses was a Prophet of God, yet when he gain the Children of Israel and they need a pastor/priest God raised up Aaron. You can't be the Prophet and the Pastor. It's a conflict of interest. The PROPHET HAS TO BE WITHDRAWN FROM THE FLOCK, The PASTOR HAS TO BE INTIMATE AND CLOSE TO THE FLOCK.

The Prophet remains on the Altar while the Priest remains in the temple (or place of worship) Hebrews 5:1 "Every high priest is appointed from among men to represent them in matters relating to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins." The pastor/priest was in charge of offering the gifts and making sacrifices. Yet this generation of priest only receive gifts for themselves and refuse to make sacrifices for the people. The prophet was to remain in God and receive the gifts for speaking the Word of God.

JESUS was the prophet and sent out His Disciplines to be the Priest/Pastor of His time. Then they became Apostle by the established multiple churches and ministries. People of God, MINISTERS & People Operating in the FIVE FOLD MINISTRY must learn their role and STAY IN THEIR POSITION. If God changes your position so be it. But if you are a Pastor, you can't be the Prophet. You may still operate in the gifts of the prophetic office, like prophecy and word of knowledge, BUT YOU ARE NO LONGER THE PROPHET, because you are call to pastor now.

pastor is a verb, you assignment is different than the prophet.

Although their assignments are different they both are called to lead the people. Psalm 77:20 say "You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron." which mean God leads his people through the Prophet & Priest. This is were a lot of preacher have gone wrong. Because we have ordained ourselves to be High Priest & Prophet, when that is incorrect. Pastors will shew the prophet saying "God speaks to me too" yet the order is out of order.

As Prophet if you don't agree with what God is say, that's fine. Saul disagreed with Samuel in the 15th chapter of 1st Samuel. The Prophet told Saul that God said "Kill everything" Saul disobeyed. Saul thought that is was better for him to do things his own way. Yet as a result of his not obeying the prophet, God rejected his anointing as King.

As a prophet you're not assigned gain members, iF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT THE PROPHET SAYS, OH WELL. Your connections or likeness for the prophet is irrelevant. The Children of Israel didn't agree and like Moses when they came out of the Egypt. That why God raise up Aaron... That didn't mean Moses still wasn't the Prophet. That just meant when God spoke, He spoke to MOSES and it was Moses' job to tell, teach, and influence Aaron to tell, taught and influence THE FLOCK.

As it was in the days of Moses, so shall it be the same in the Coming Day Of Jesus.

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