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Don't Pray For Them, Pray With Them.

If I tell you don't pray for me, I'm serious.! Did you know most people pray the opposite of what God is trying to do.

For example: "You want a house. They may pray for you to get the house. Then all hell breaks loose because God wanted you to build His House." "You want a job because you have bills, yet God wants you to do His Assignment because he called someone to be wealthy enough to pay your bills for you."

Pray is a serious conversation. We often refer to it as "the Meeting of the Minds" because that when two kings meet to discuss the course or proceeding before going to war. When prayer is done correct, it helps us determine the course of our life and the things to come within the earth. That's it's so critical who we share our prayers with because sometimes people can pray antithetical to what God wants from you.

Often times, people who pray for you are praying what you want but maybe praying antithetical to what God wants for you.`

Someone's prayer request might be for a healing however God may want them to gain a relationship with the Healer first.

Someone's prayer request might be for a new car or house, however if they're not a good steward over what they already have, then you praying from them to get what they're not ready for maybe detrimental for them.

Someone's prayer request might be for a job, and yes you can pray for them to get a job, but the reason they may not have one or able to keep one is because they don't tithe. Therefore, while you're praying for them to get a job, God is telling them to get focused.

Stop praying so much for people and pray for you! Pray that whatever someone else needs - God will use you - to be the window or vessel used to supply or manifest it.

Prayer isn't a petition. Prayer is a dialogue. Prayer isn't gossiping about something, it's an evaluating conversation. Prayer is the meeting of the Minds. It is joining the counsel of war, so you may hear the plans and opinion of those on your side and those against you. That way you may know how to properly respond and react.

Prayer is - that moment in a chess game where your opponent has taken their move, yet it is now your turn to move but you pause to EVALUATE what your next move is - that will cause your enemy to rethink their next five moves.

Most people that you ask to pray for you, barely believes God for what you're believing him for.

Don't pray for me, PRAY WITH ME.

Omarious Fann.

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