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Fathers & Sons

Happy Father's Day 2016

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4 NLT

God send us Fathers who know you. God send us Sons who want to know you. God send this era of people - Spiritual Fathers that will have the desire to train us up in the ways of God. God send this generation of sons - Natural Fathers that will teach us how to be a man. Please Jesus send us fathers like yours, that we may always be able to communicate effectively and receive wise counsel. Jesus cause every son to surrender to you; as you are the big brother to our future sons. Remove bitterness from the heart of every father. Remove bitterness from every son. Give EVERY SON the Spirit to Want to Serve His Father. Give EVERY FATHER the Spirit to want to Develop Their Son. Fathers allow your sons to be heard. Sons allow your father to teach. Father be quick to Heard, Son be slow to speak.

God forgive my doubt. I fear that I have been birth into a generation with no fathers. I feel as though the Spiritual and Natural Father are abandoning their duties and responsibilities. Children are birth to us but SONS ARE GIVEN TO US. Men are born for us but FATHERS ARE GIVEN TO US. How dare us; not to accept any gift that God has given thee? Are there no fathers who would genuinely seek to see their Sons raise to power.? So many fathers that would much rather die on the Throne than pass the Mantle. Too many fathers that would desire to keep the Prince as a Prince. So many sons that would desire to be a wise warrior but fail as folly fool. Too many sons are accepting vacant position, with out being fathered. Becoming Kings, Rulers and Fathers over their own domain prematurely. But there is a Fatherhood that will Rise and Stand in Discipline. Sons will be rise as war is waged to protect that which is pure. To protect that which is righteous. To provide for that which is to come. God send us fathers. God send us sons.

To every man that has even produce or has the desire to produce within this great land today is your day of appreciation. For the bible tell us that Man must be born of a Women, but often time we forget that it still takes the seed of a man to give life. Nevertheless this day is set apart to reverence the "seed-bearers". This day is not just for every natural father. This day is for every spiritual father, emotional father and even financial father. This day is to every man that has brought forth a gift unto this earth. Many father's are addressed by dad, daddy, papa, pawpaw, and many more. Yet to all those and everything in between you are appreciated. There can be no better example of a dad or father than that of Our Eternal Father. Nevertheless he gave us, men, the authority to provide, protect and produce. So this day we honor you. Happy Father's Day Fathers. To all my Sons, thank you for allowing me to produce better men. Thank you for allowing me to teach you things that I only wish my dads would've taught me. I may not always give you what you may want, but as a father I will always try to give you what you need. No dad, man figure, or producer of life is perfect. On the other hand every son/father connected to me, our mission is learning to be better fathers to produce better sons who will grow to be better father. Happy Father's Day Sons.

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