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Prophecy Fulfilled: Apple is Making Siri better.

On March 31st 2016 Prophet Omarious posted via Twitter that "Apple will beginning to develop the "Siri" software for she will become more interactive, able to solve your apple problems w/ customer service". Later when Omarious was questioned about this he said that he seen Apple developing Siri. that she was be nicer, friendlier, and even smarter. He continued to state that Siri would have the ability to solve problem on the iPhone more sufficiently. Omarious believe that Siri would interact more like an actual person would, Siri would even develop some type of customer service.

​Well Today CEO of ‪Apple Tim Cook announced that that after five years, Apple is finally bringing its voice assistant Siri to the Mac. It's the same Siri from iOS, but can also do fun things like find files. Apple is finally opening up Siri to developers, a necessary move to keep up with a growing crop of smart assistant competitors. It is Omarious' belief that Apple will be successful at growing the Siri software, and it will come to save Apple in the short term but over time be a downfall. "Siri will be everywhere, in every home, in every car. Siri will come to be a essential element within all Apple products."

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