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Prophecy Concerning Bishop Prophet Antoine M. Jasmine

God say "You shall know more. You will know the power of prophetic movement as I usher you into a new era in fatherhood." For natural children will be founded in your future and even a daughter that will be known great throughout this Nation. You shall become equally yoked. You shall see the bliss of the islands of honeymoon. You will travel to a new foreign island. You shall learn two new languages. You will come to teach the wiser of the generation that has passed. You shall come before a season of great travel. For in or at six months at a time you shall be away from your dwelling place. I heard the word "Crusade" but it's like I see you touring. As Paul travel from region to region I will cause you to build in different regions of this nation. You will enjoy another German experience, this may even be a place you will soon visit. You will know of a dwelling place within New York. You will branch off, you own a new business that will be started in Louisiana but in essence be transitioned or relocated. You will come to partner with new developers to create. You will design a something new that will concern transportation. Look now to the year of 35 for I will mark thee and pillar thee. You will own a chain of connection or chain of something, psychical places. Know that a great son will come from you. He will own networks. I will even send you a son that shall open or have relations in owning a movie theater. You will father many, they will conquer greatness.

-Omarious Fann.

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