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Prophecy For the Month Of May 2016

See now the season of entanglement. For traps have been set but through discernment, His favor will be seen. May will unveil chaotic conclusions as a result of prior mistakes. This hour will seem to pass fast as expectations of a greater glory is hoped for. This is the month to see increase and promotion, for even a release in jobs will be found this hour. God says i will build upon thee. You will see the mark of a new agenda before the ending of the summer season. Attention will be made known in the form of a new movement for even a certain food will make headlines. Pray for the Coming Days of America. This is a setup season. God wants to save His people yet this month will be a time to penetrate the spiritual realm. Pray for Houston. Strange things will be found. A new major law or legal decision will come before the counsel of Congress even to provoke presidential action. You would give this month I feel strongly and immediately harvest. Praise Our God.

-Omarious Fann

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