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Prophecy For the Month Of March 2016

Know now the moment of this season for revival will be known. God says this will be the hour of restoration. And even as it seems some things were lost or missed within the last month, I heard God saying I will show you divine reconnection. The 13th and 14th will be favor days in the spirit realm. Challenges with arise for some of you around the 22nd of this month. Focus on the new discovery of God, for there is a secret awaiting America. This will be an hour where distractions will be thick. But through the Holy Spirit, He will instruct you as a sergeant of in army. This is the time to sow, as spring breaks so shall we see famine and exposure will come with the heat of summer. Trust in the Lord Your God for He has now forgotten you, remember the promise that was confirmed through His Word. Search now in the realm of His Glory for there is something major hidden before your eyes. For greed shall rule only for moments but God people will reign forever. Praise Our God.

-Omarious Fann.

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