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Prophecy For The Month of April 2016

Conflict on Capitol Hill. Know now the moment of a brighter hour. See the journey into placement and position be revealed. This will be the time to align your desires with the Fathers. For coming into this month there was a change in the plans that would cause you to accelerate. I release transportation in Jesus Name, both naturally & Spiritually. This will be the time you will see further. This will be the hour where phase five will be revealed even while you're still in phase two. This will be the hour that you will overcome that which you have desire to leave behind. And even a major change will come to the energy companies of this age. Even as the Lord our God warned of international trouble last month on the 22nd, i believe the Spirit of the Lord will protect us from terror within this month. This will be the time when death will strike several public figures. The nation of Australia, will be in our prayers this month. As well as a South African nation, for they shall see a storm claim several lives. Dates to look forward to is the 12th of April and the 19th and for those in certain parts of the states mainly west coast the 17th stands out. Launch now into the destiny in which you await. See surreal approval in this hour. "What you put yourself to accomplish this month, i heard God say 'i will Bless thee." Praise Jesus.

-Omarious Fann.

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