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Prophetic Post: Anger

Hear the Word of the Lord, though time will shake and the wind will blow, God is your anchor. I want you to know that there are times when i have to depend on people and people let me down. Of course, this makes me angry. However the Spirit of Truth reminded me today, that i can't allow my frustration and anger to dedicate my action. God said - "Yes, you can be mad but you don't strike back. And Don't Stay Mad. Don't Dwell on Anger or Go To Sleep Mad, Don't give the devil that kind of power in your life." This is a word for myself. I feel it but God said share it. I want you to know in your walk with God, when you really want to know him- it's the small things like anger that make you want him more. Because God's anger never last long and he doesn't take back his blessing or word.

Often times the enemy uses people to see how bothered and angry we can get. Might i suggest this is only a test from God to see can we really be #UNbothered and trust Him. i Challenge you for the next seven days to be #UNbothered & Trust God. Wheneevr you feel the urge to want to say something tha will sound mean, anger, Just say #UNbothered.

Omarious Fann

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