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Respect Should Be Mutual

Respect Should Be Owed

Respect Should Be Required

People are wondering why there are Police killing people? We wonder why there is so much violence amongst our nation. Well in my personal perspective it is because there is no respect. Police are trained that upon their arrival in a situation that thing should automatically come into order, because they are trained that their "Presence" should demand attention and respect. Much like when our mother or grandmother appear in our domain, we (use to) immediately change our language, demeanor, and even current action. Why? Because their presence requires and demands RESPECT as well as Attention. 

In the bible, there was a Roman Officer, who had authority over all the citizen abiding in His jurisdiction, which was over all of Rome. However, upon this man meeting Jesus, he immediately humbled himself to respect the authority of Jesus. This Roman Soldier was aware that Jesus carried a SPIRITUAL Authority, that he did not have so he kneeled as a sign of humility. This officer had all the right and power to handle Jesus in any manner that He felt necessary. Nevertheless he recognized and realized that Jesus' authority at that moment was more valuable that the natural authority that he possessed, therefore He Showed Respect by submission. 

As a Prophet having the Authority of a Prophet gives you access to do certain spiritual practices. Being a Prophet Also Carries Weight or in other words Gives you Spiritual Authority Over Things And People even People In Authority. The Spiritual Authority That We Carry is Able to Speak to & Denounce Authorities. However Out of Respect and Humility, We Often time have to strip ourselves of the title and authority in reverence of the authority and respect others have. We should respect our peers because IT IS MUTUAL. We should respect the elderly and those in natural authority because IT IS REQUIRED. We should respect the youth and those with no authority because IT IS OWED. Try to respect anyone you interact with because we are walking models and examples of Authority with Humility. As a nation of people we have failed to install Respect and honor into the one coming after us. 

I, Myself am Guilty Of Disrespect & Being Disrespectful, However much like the Roman soldier, I Humble Myself Despise My Authority Because Of RESPECT. 

Respect is Mutual, Owed, and Required to All People.  

We Disrespect Our Peers

We Disrespect Our Officers

We Disrespect Our Parents

We Disrespect Our Youth

We Disrespect Our Citizens

We Disrespect Our Elderly

We Disrespect Our Students

We Disrespect Our Instructors

We Disrespect Our Government

We Disrespect Our Leadership


We Have Become A DISRESPECTFUL Nation.

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