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“Yo Mama’s Restaurant

OMG! I Ran Into Angels... For some reason, I was taking someone downtown and they had to use the restroom. So we pulled over at a random restaurant so he could run in, however after he ran I looked more detailed at the window art only to realize it was “ Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant “ and I heard of this place before. My pastor, whose really into supporting black owned businesses especially locally. Therefore, I decided to hop out and run in. To my amazement, the menu was amazingly extravagant. I was enticed by everything. After ten minutes of questioning and strange glazing I decide to get “shrimp&grits” - MY GOD TODAY...

Listen there is so much more to say about this place but I will just let you know, plain and simple. I said it was time to put some companies on, and that's what I’m going to do. This little place has obviously made there mark in the area and has established a well known name for themselves. However, I’ve come to understand my power and purpose as a Prophet. Therefore, hear what the spirit of the Lord says concern these people... “For see now a new season. See now the place of growth and opportunity. Expansion is now yours - for in the coming month as you progress into the next two year new location will be found. East and west - north and south will open unto you as result of where you have planted firmly. For this family business shall grow into a family franchise, for the amazement of faith will be found in the family. Restoration will also come as the enemy comes to distract the focus of the family. As you age into this year new solutions will be found as minor issues come to detour business. For even shatter glass will be found on the floor in future as the summer end, but robbery will be stopped. Seeds sown will return to harvest and the harvest will be the foundation of the new establishment. For Vestavia Hills will bring new and exciting friendships and connections to an east coast state will make things surreal. For you will even come before a new media as the food/ cooking channel will come to know this place. Great things shall find this people this year, even marriage for a family member will be catered by the family business. And the husband will come to be an asset as support extends beyond what was imagined. a three year award will be added, customer service will grow to accommodate more. If thou will continue to walk in the unity of faith the things that have not even been spoken will manifest in remarkable ways. For there is even a future plan in God for a package product, that will be sold in stores. Partner to the power of his grace and continue to walk in faith.” Be Bless

There’s so much more I can say to this family as well as this establishment. Nevertheless as I see it in the spirit I’ll watch for it in the natural. Bless by this place, I look forward to seeing the wonderful things that God bring to “Yo Mamas Restaurant.”

Below you can find their information...

2328 2nd Ave N Birmingham, AL 35203

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